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Light up your Kitchen with LED Lights

Jul 9, 2014 | Building Tips

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Light up your Kitchen with LED lights, a long-lasting, energy-saving way to illuminate your kitchen attractively and sensibly.

Sooo tell us, what are LED Lights?

LED lights (formally known as light-emitting diodes) are energy-saving light sources that offer heaps of interior design flexibility. Not only do LED lights last for a very long time (win!), but they are also good for the environment (double win!), your back pocket and offer up bright light without giving off heat (triple win!). LED lights can be used for general room lighting, task lighting and, accent lighting, so they’re incredibly versatile and make the perfect addition to your smart home. Interested? Keep reading this blog for some smart ways you can use LED lights to light up your kitchen and give your guests major home envy.

Recessed LED Ceiling Lights – duuuh!

Recessed ceiling lights are used to illuminate many kitchens, traditionally using halogen or other incandescent sources. With new remodelling kits, however, you can replace those fixtures with LED’s – which are both longer-lasting and more eco-smart. Forget having to get the ladder out to change the bulb in your high ceilings, LEDs can last up to 20 years (yes, really) so you can just leave it in the shed.

At Smart Homes for Living, most of our home designs come with a LED light packages included, giving your new home the best tech and spec in the biz. Impressed? Why not check out our home designs and start planning your bright new future.

Kitchen LED Lights Recessed

LED Lights for Floating Shelves

LEDs are also great accent lights for floating shelves or overhead cupboards in your kitchen. This placement is not only stylish but is also super functional. Ever felt like there is not enough light when prepping dinner on the back of the bench? With LEDs under your shelves, they will cast light on benchtops where regular ceiling lights just don’t reach. Simples.

Kitchen LED Lights Floating Cupboards

LED Pendant Lighting

One of our favourite ways to style the kitchen space with LED lights is using pendant lights. Not only are these functional for brightening up your island benches, they also create an eye-catching centre piece that elevates the space. You can choose any pendant light & add in a LED bulb for a simple eco swap. They come in a range of shapes, styles and finishes, making them perfect for any home.

Kitchen LED Lights Pendant

Toe-kick aka Under Benches and Cupboards

Toe-kick lighting is another form of accent lighting and it’s both practical and stylish. It creates a night-time illumination while also serving as a type of path light where extra safety measures are needed, like sneaking back to the kitchen for a midnight feast after lights-out. This style of lighting also adds warmth and depth to your home.

Kitchen LED Lights Toe-Kick

Wait, Don’t Forget the Pantry Lights

Let’s not forget about your dark pantry. Using LED strips can help illuminate shelves to provide radiant illumination without shadows. Not only will nothing get lost at the back, but this lighting is perfect for when you are seeking out that midnight snack. You can also use this hack for cabinet interior lighting solutions, such as your utensil drawers, deep bases and dark corners. Talk about smart right?

Kitchen LED Lights Pantry

Time to visit the BGC Home Showroom – Tech Hub

Want to know more about the sustainable lighting options for your home? Why not stop by the BGC Home Showroom and geek out in the technology hub, where you’ll be able to find all the latest innovations, supplier details and perfect new home solutions. Packed full of smarts, the 1000m2 space provides all the design and #styleinspo you’ll ever need. Contact us for more details.

Written by Siobhan


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