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Time to LOVE your new home


It’s officially MOVE IN DAY!

Congratulations on becoming an official homeowner smartie! You’ve reached the final destination – key handover, and we bet you’re feeling allllllll the feels right now.  The moment you’ve been dreaming for is finally here, and it’s time to step foot in your brand-spanking new house. We’re so excited for you to add all your own finishing touches and can’t wait to see what you do with the place (we want pics, please send pics).

Besides all that fun stuff, we’re here to make the final steps of obtaining those shiny new keys a total breeze by laying down the next steps and outlining what’s included in your shiny new home warranty (which is super important FYI).


Come grab your keys!

In the lead up to your key handover meeting you’ll have your PCI meeting; we’ll go away & fix any items that were raised in that meeting and then we’ll get in touch to raise the final payment. Once your nominated bank has submitted your final payment, we’ll get a notification and call you to “congrats, it’s key handover time.” We’ll begin by pencilling in a date for your very exclusive key handover meeting so that we can hand you those shiny new keys that you’ve been DYING to get your mittens on.

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What to expect at your KHO (Key-Handover-Meeting)

During your KHO meeting you can expect to be greeted by your own personal & friendly Construction Consultation who will hand over your new shiny keys, go through the care & maintenance of your home (e.g., how to look after your Silestone benchtops) & they may even give you a little gift to say congrats – after all you did a pretty big thing!

It can be a lot to take everything in during the KHO meeting, so we’ll give you a New Home Owner’s Manual to take away with you to go through at your own pace. You can always get in contact with us at any stage if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to turn something on (hot water metre we’re looking at you!)


So, what’s this sweet new home warranty you speak of?

Your new home warranty includes: a six-month maintenance period, lifetime structural warranty and individual warranties for electrical appliances, in other words, your biggest asset is in good hands. We’re here to look after you beyond your building journey and make sure any issues that may arise are resolved.

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6-month maintenance (to keep your new pad in good nick)

It’s totally normal for things to happen as your new home is settling into the world, just as you’re settling into it. That’s why your home comes with a six-month maintenance period. So, if anything goes wrong during the first six months of owning the home, just let us know and we’ll come out to inspect it and arrange for the right person to rectify the issue.


Lifetime Structural Guarantee (that’ll ensure your house stands strong)

Having a lifetime structural guarantee is a big deal because it gives complete peace of mind knowing your biggest asset is safe. It means that we’ll take care of any major defects or issues along the way. If there are any structural issues with concrete foundations, brickwork, or roof fame, we’ll get someone on the case ASAP – however, we do not cover damage caused by natural disasters (speed dial your insurance company for that one), terrorism or homeowner neglect.

tapware and appliance warranty

Extra product warranties (for your luxxy new appliances & tapware!)

As we don’t manufacture absolutely everything in your new home, some items have their own warranties. Get clued up on what these are so if anything happens, you know what you’re covered for. For example, Alder Tapware warranty provides a neat 7-year colour finish warranty to replace products with defects or workmanship and your Belling appliances come with a 5-year warranty.