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“Introducing…BGC Home. The biggest, bestest, new homes showroom in WA.”

With over 1000m2 of home inspiration, our stunning showroom offers a bunch and a half of endless design possibilities. We’d also like to highlight that it’s architecturally designed (yep), filled with all the #smarts and a real lewker. Here’s a walk-through or maybe it’s a read-through but whatever it is, enjoy the experience y’all.


1. But first coffee

The barrister has been up since 6 am making sure the coffee is finely ground and the beans are roasting with a caramelized toffee flavour. Ok, maybe not, BUT he did get here at 8am and that’s coffee o’clock in our books and likely in yours! Now, because adulting is seriously the hardest. Thing. Ever. – It’s important you start the tour with a large, delicious, hot or iced cawfee of whatever y’all [email protected] well please (& yes all milk alternatives are an option people).

Congratulations, your brain is now cooking with enough gas to start the adulting journey of home-ownership or at least home-inspo. In fact, your #coffeesmarts make you feel like you can conquer it all – you can adult, be independent, own a home and sip on your creamy decaf oat latte while choosing your kitchen tile. Coffee soothes like no other, and brings endless possibilities.

2. Creative hub

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in ideas! Escapism through travel is a necessary pursuit but a weekend in our showroom will also give you the same 5-star resort/ holiday vibe. It’s a chilled-out, yet flawlessly manicured space that you’ll want to be best friends with and pin to your vision board. Except, unlike your vision board you can view this one IRL, yippee-do-da!

3. Exteriors

At this point, you’ve decided you may as well move into the showroom, (and we get it, we live here and totes love it) but then you come across the exterior selections, and your heart skips a beat. White cladding, black framed exterior windows and a sleek roof colour you didn’t know you needed dahhling. Now your home’s exterior is coming to life so itt’s time you move out of the showroom. Bye Felicia.

4. Interiors

From sleek brass sink fixtures to bathroom tiles, and bench-tops to cabinetry selections, there is a LOT to discover. We recommend strolling around on the weekend, wandering into the different sections and brainstorming your future storied space. You’ll just like to hang here because it smells seww good, everyone is lyk super friendly, and the #stylesmarts options are every bold maximimalist’s and timeless minimalist’s dream.

5. Kitchen

The home of the juicer, steamer, beater, heater and eater. The hub where people come together and most importantly, where food is made. A place where we can show off our #foodsmarts and be that hostess-with-the-most-ess when creating an epic grazing board for Friday night drinks. Our showroom has a full working kitchen, so you can truly immerse yourself in the home-ownership life and get a feel for your fancy AF Miele appliances and sleek marble-esque Dekton bench-top. A crisp, white splashback, a splash of olive oil and a warm home-baked sourdough, Ah kitchen, you really are a delicious slice of heaven.

6. Bathroom & Laundry

For the love of self-care, it’s no secret we are big believes in treating yo’ self and the bathroom is the perfect spot for just that! A kind of bathroom that you imagined you’d have when you got that promotion instead of your boss, moved to Paris, met Gabriel and enjoyed soirees in quaint little French restaurants. Oh wait, that was Emily, but you get what I mean; the chicken soup for the soul, dreamy kind! Meditate, run a bath, slap on a face-mask, * sorry we mean gently and delicately place on a face-mask and soak your work/life worries away in the bathroom of your Pinterest dreams, duh.

7. Sustainability

We’re not just about pure visual satisfaction. Our NatHERS 6-star energy rating shows that we are also big believers in sustainability. Conscious consumption is crucial, so when building your home we take a more measured approach – i.e. the window designs are energy efficient, and the walls are double brick, AND you can opt for solar panels and rainwater tanks. Yas kween!  After-all isn’t it the inspirational, aspirational, have-to-have-it vibe the best thing about designing your home? Abso-fricken-lutely, that’s why our #designsmarties have ensured that sustainability and these wow-factors are definitely not mutually exclusive, and can in-fact go together like milk and cookies, phew!

8. Entertainment

Dinner and a movie is fun but gee whiz it can add up! It’s fair to say that keeping your pjs on and staying in has become very vogue over the last year. Ok, we may not exactly have had a choice in the matter but between balderdash, charades, scrabble and good quality family time, our nights are destined for laughter and fun times. The modern alfresco designs and ultimate open-plan living areas in this section showcase the perfect space for getting your friends and fam over, lining up your fave chick flick and feasting on home-cooked goodness.

9. Technology hub

Imagine entering your home and it being cool and fresh on a hot summers day. Imagine never over-cooking or under-cooking your roast. Imagine popping your speakers and lights on from the comfort of your lounge. Imagine the peace of mind of never wondering if you left the iron on, left the door unlocked or the window open. Ok, now stop imagining and prepare to get your geek on in our tech hub! Here you can play with connecting appliances such as audio speakers, TV, locks, lights, air-conditioning and security cameras to your smart home. There’s also a theatre room if you feel like having a chill sesh at the end of your tour.

Sadley you’ve come to the end of this show-stopping walk-through but thankfully we’ve tempted your tastebuds, ticked your fancy and left you realizing there’s no place like our home. Grab your fave and head to our glitterbomb of glory showroom IRL.

67 Walters Drive, Osborne Park WA

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Monday – Friday | 8am – 8pm
Saturday | 9am – 5pm