how to understand your electrical plans when building your new home

How to Understand Your Electrical Plans

Aug 15, 2016 | Building Tips

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With all of the excitement of floor plans and furniture layout, electrical plans are often the last thing on your…

Electrical plans are often the last thing on your mind when you imagine living in your new home.

With all the excitement of choosing the ideal floorplan and thinking about the layout of your rooms, planning your electrical system may be overwhelming at the beginning. Not to mention it seems like a complex task, which requires a lot of forward thinking.

We spoke to Smart’s Prestart Consultants Sarah Baliey and Tess Godfrey to get their tips on how to tackle the confusing electrical plans you receive for your new home. They have specifically highlighted what NOT to overlook.

Here are some of their best tips on how to understand your electrical plans to optimise your new home:

  1. Visualise Your New Home Design

When it comes to planning your electrical points, furniture placement is extremely important. “You can start by visualising the rooms you currently live in “, says Prestart Consultant Sarah Bailey. Do you wish you had a power point closer to your bedside table? Or extra points in the kitchen? A great place to start is to imagine the changes you would make to make your current home smarter.

By utilising available tools like Smart’s iDesign, you can choose floor plans based on your preferences. From there you can try to imagine where your larger items will be positioned throughout the rooms, paying particular attention to beds, televisions, phones and current or future sound systems. Think about placement of the points – will it be low lying for a bedside table, or are you wall mounting your TV? When you’re making changes to your floorplan, try to visualise how you would like to arrange your room so that you won’t need to make changes throughout the process.

Check out how you can design your new home with Smart’s iDesign tool:

  1. Plan Ahead

Foresight is priceless. Initially, planning ahead for future electrical additions may seem inapplicable and costly. However, by considering any additions at the beginning, you save yourself a mountain of avoidable hassles down the track. Think about your garage and your arsenal of power tools waiting to be used. Consider your outdoor areas and what their main function will be. Are you an entertainer? Allowing sockets for the outdoor fridge and sound systems can make all the difference. As Prestart Consultant Tess Godfrey says, “The day you pick up your keys – your house is ready for action!”

Ready for action from the day you move in.

Ready for action from the day you move in.

  1. Budget Appropriately

Don’t get stung with hidden costs. A typical new home design with Smart Homes For Living comes with 1x double power point and 1x light fixture per room. It also has 1x television, 1x phone and 1x internet point in the house. After your careful planning, you should be able to determine whether or not this is adequate for you and your family. Do you want TVs in multiple rooms? What about your outdoor entertainment area? Have a look at the electrical sheet and commit to appropriate lighting and any optional extras guilt free, knowing that you are establishing a smart basis for your home design.

plan ahead and save money for your new home

Save Money.

  1. Ask The Experts

Not everyone is expected to be an electrician. If you’re struggling to understand the details of the electrical requirements for your new home design, don’t be afraid to get some advice from people who may know better. If you know of an electrician – consider asking for their advice. How many power points are typical? What are the costs involved in adding in points later? Is this feasible?

Most of all, take advantage of the knowledgeable and experienced Prestart Consultants at your disposal – here at Smart Homes For Living.

Ask for advice.

Ask for advice.


Below are a few great articles that will help you plan and maximise your layouts to enhance comfort and functionality.


Written by Siobhan


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