how to style a sofa with pillows and throws

How To Style A Sofa (With Throws & Pillows) | #StyleSmartsSeries

Apr 29, 2021 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Guest blogger: The Aesthete Collective

Hey Smarties,

Welcome back to another instalment of The Style Smarts Series.

I’m Lulu from the Aesthete Collective and today I’ll be showing you how to style a beautiful sofa setting using throws and pillows for your own home. With my fail-safe tips, you’ll have a setup that not only pops but is also suuuuper cushy and comfortable.

Let’s get started!


First up…choose your colour palette

The first, and probably the most important, thing to decide is your colour palette. Depending on the rest of your home, you will need to pick a tone for your sofa that flows.

If you prefer more of a cooler tone, you will want to go with your greys and charcoals and if you prefer a warmer tone, it’s best to go with colours like oat and beige.

In this example, I used a sage / eucalyptus green because it’s such a beautiful tone and went well with this house. I also incorporated some oat cushions to go with the warmer tone of the sofa.


how to style a sofa with cushions

So what will it be…patterns or texture?

Cushions with a pattern are a great way to make a bold statement in your home, but they aren’t for everyone. If you’re not working with patterns, I suggest incorporating as much texture as possible to create more interest in this space. Velvets, linen, fur and fringed, the options are endless. Have some fun!

For this example, I’m working with linen and velvet, both in the same colour, to create a bit of interest. Plus, velvet is luxe.


It’s what’s on the inside

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. When choosing the cushions for styling your sofa, my biggest tip is to opt for a feather inner.

Poly inserts can be quite flat and lifeless, whereas a feather inner has this beautiful textural quality to it that I just love!


Arranging your cushions

When arranging cushions, I always work in odd numbers. It’s also good to mix and match with shapes too.

For this look I have placed the linen square cushion on one side, and on the other side a velvet square. Then to balance it out I have also added a long lumber linen cushion in oat.

Don’t forget to let your inner ninja out and do a little karate chop in the middle of each cushion, as this makes them look a whole lot fuller! The plumper they are, the more inviting the sofa looks.


how to style a sofa with a throw

[sofa] [square velvet cushion] [square linen cushion] [lumber linen cushion] [throw]
[rug] [florals]

Just throw it

What comfy, cosy corner would be complete without a throw? I always add one as it adds a great element of movement to any sofa setting.

For this styled sofa, I chose a sage green throw to match the pillows and bring everything together. I think this really completes the look.

To find out more about how to perfectly arrange your throw and cushions, check out episode one – How To Style A Bed Like A Pro.


That’s it!

So, there you have it. Now you can create your own stunning styled sofa setting at your house.

To round it out, my three top tips to styling a dreamy sofa setting are:

  • Always choose a colour palette beforehand that fits in with the rest of your living space
  • Incorporate patterns and different textures to create more interest
  • Make sure your cushions have feather inners to bring extra life to the setting

Thanks so much for joining us for another installment of The Style Smarts Series.

In case you missed it, you can click here to find out how to create a beautiful floral arrangement (don’t stress, it’s for beginners).

Stay tuned for when the next one drops!

Xoxo Lulu

If you’re looking for more style #inspo for your new home, contact our team of smarties or check out our display homes across Perth and let your smarts lead the way.

Written by Siobhan


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