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May 27, 2021 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Guest blogger: The Aesthete Collective

Hey Style Smarties,

Welcome back to another episode of the Style Smarts Series! I can’t believe we’re up to episode 4, time really does fly when you’re having fun!

I’m Lulu Cavanagh from the Aesthete Collective and today I’ll be giving you my top tips on how to style the humble coffee table. For this episode, I will be using items from one of my favourite interior stores in Perth, Granite Lane, which has plenty of beautiful things to style your coffee table (and home). They actually just opened a new store in Osborne Park, which I definitely recommend you pay a visit too.

Let’s begin!

Get on the grid

To begin styling your coffee table, you’ll want to start with creating a grid-like structure for your base. When I say grid, I don’t mean your Instagram grid, although, once we are done styling this coffee table, you’ll want to share it all over that too. Creating a grid will help to ground your items and create beautiful geometry for your styling. This will also prevent your items from looking like their floating on the coffee table or out of place, so definitely keep this in mind.

Books aren’t just for reading

So, to start off the grid-like structure, I will be using some coffee table books. With the placement, you want to make sure to leave space for other items as you don’t want everything placed on a book.

One thing to take into consideration when styling anything is odd numbers. In this example, I have created two stacks, using three books as odd numbers help to add interest and a bit of visual variation. This also creates a beautiful leveling system for other styling pieces.

how to style a coffee table books
Coffee table styling tip #1: Your styling should be interesting without looking cluttered, so there’s a fine line between too many things and not enough things. It’s all about putting things down and then editing and refining as you go.

Create some height

I then like to go in and add a vase to create some height on the table. You don’t want to go for something that is too tall as you still need to be able to watch your fave Netflix series uninterrupted. As a general rule, if you choose a vase that is under 20cm, you should be golden.

A little extra bling

Whenever styling a coffee table, I always like to include something metallic. I love working with gold or brass elements as they add so much extra warmth to a home, not to mention it’s totally luxe and looks expensive. In this example, I have included a gold trinket tray.

how to style a coffee table candles and metallic

When in doubt, add a candle

What space in the home is ever complete without a candle? Yes, they’re simple but they add so much beauty and elegance to a space. Not to mention, they make your home smell gorgeous and feel oh so cosy, once you finally bring yourself to light them.

A touch of nature

Lastly, you always want to add an element from nature to your coffee table. This can be either florals, twigs or just something beautiful from the outdoors to help add some movement to the space. For this coffee table, I’m not going to put the branches inside the vase I added before, as it would obstruct vision and be too high for the table. Instead, I will lay them down. They’ll add the dimension and movement that every coffee table needs.

Into florals? For more ways to showcase nature in your home, check out episode 2 – How to Create Floral Arrangements for Beginners – using both branches and florals.

how to style a coffee table branches

Check those angles

Once you feel like you’ve finished styling your coffee table, take a quick 360° walk around to make sure it looks good from every angle. As it is the centrepiece of the room, you want it to be eye-catching no matter where you’re sitting.

Coffee table styling tip #2: As you want this piece of furniture to be a statement, you want it to pop with personality. An easy way to do this is to add personal trinkets and beautiful items so it becomes the focus.

how to style a sofa with a throw

[coffee table] [rug] [book] [magazine] [vase] [candle]


Voila! You now have my top tips to style a chic coffee table.

To summarise, my top tips for creating the perfect coffee table display for your beautiful home are:

  • Establish a grid-like structure
  • Work with items of varying height to create interest
  • Incorporate metallics and candles
  • Always add something from nature
  • Include personal items to ensure personality

Thanks so much for tuning in for another installment of the Style Smarts Series. Hopefully, by now your home is starting to transform into the space you’ve always dreamed of. In case you missed the last ep, click here to learn how to style a sofa with throws and pillows to complete your living space.

Stay tuned for when the final installment of the Style Smarts Series (we promise it is a goodie)!

Xoxo Lulu

Still need more #inspo for your home? Contact our team of smarties, visit our jaw-dropping showroom or check out our display homes across Perth.

Written by Siobhan


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