5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

Aug 27, 2020 | Design and Interior Decoration, Living In Your New Home

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Guest blogger: The Aesthete Collective


2020 has been an interesting year to say the least… Zoom calls, social distancing, virtual home tours and being suspicious of everyone in the supermarket seem to be the norm now.

Due to Covid-19 we have been spending a lot more time in our homes than normal, from self-isolation to working from home it’s understandable that everyone is a little tired of their own decor. So on a more positive note, here are a few easy and cost-effective ways to get your home feeling fresh without breaking the bank!

House plants.

House plants are great for freshening up space and detoxing the air, they also soften a home and bring life into space. My personal favourites are an indoor olive, fiddle leaf fig, cyclamen, and a maidenhair fern. Putting plants in a rustic pot or a basket gives them more of a relaxed feel.

[The Grand Bianca display home]


Picture perfect.

If you’re looking to switch up your artwork, consider looking a little closer to home and using some of your own travel or family photos. For a chic look have them printed in black and white and put them all in matching black or white frames to tie them in.

[The Grand Isla display home]



Having time at home allows us to organise our cupboards and reassess what we really need in our homes. Go through each room slowly and make piles for recycling, things to sell, keep and donate. Superstores and online retailers have great storage options and different solutions for each room in the home. Storing food in glass containers, making all of your coat hangers match and freshening up all of your linens are some small jobs to get you started.

[The Grand Madeleine display home]



Simply rearranging the pieces you already have in a space can make such a difference to the look and feel. If you’re not sure how to do it, have a look at the floorplans of your home, cover them with a sheet of baking paper (to be used like tracing paper) and sketch out different layouts for the room. Lining up things with the architecture and doorways can create clean lines and a considered look.

[The Grand Sanctuary display home]


Soft Furnishings.

Updating your cushions, throw rugs and smaller accessories is a cost-effective solution to changing up the colour scheme of a room, especially a large one such as a living room. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, shopping at stores such as H&M and Target you can pick up some more cost-effective yet stylish pieces.

[The Grand Madeleine display home]


Changing up your decor, bringing some life and personality into your home and having a good old spring clean can make such a difference to your home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to change things up by shopping smart!


Lulu Cavanagh x


Written by Siobhan


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