Mushroom Arancini Recipe

Feb 4, 2022 | Building Tips

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Can we all agree that one of the BEST entrees to ever bless this world is none other than… Arancini Balls! There’s no wonder why it’s such a treasured Italian snack, hey Anna? Oh, on that note, we’ve got the talented former MKR star, Anna Bruno back in the spotlight to bring you the third instalment of our Cooking Smarts Series featuring Belling!

Following on from our previous episode, if you’ve got a heap of leftovers from our yummy Oven Baked Porcini Mushroom & Danish Feta Risotto – keep reading! Take that spare risotto and turn it into some glorious, crispy golden balls that oooooze with cheese, mmm yes please! We’ll take one of those thanks, or maybe ten?


Arancini Balls Recipe_Smart Homes For Living

How to make arancini balls – the ultimate entrée dish!

Seriously tho, what’s not to love about these little gooey balls of goodness – am I right!? There’s just something incredibly special about these pan-fried, two-bite golden balls. Especially the excitement of biting through a thin, crispy layer to reveal a filling of ultra-creamy rice and a pocket full of gooey cheese in the middle. Kindaaa like when you bite into a Ferroro Roche and get to taste all the sensational layers, this is equally just as amazeballs (minus the chocolate).

Coated in golden crumbs, each arancini ball consists of an incredibly melt-in-your-mouth centre of feta that NOBODY can resist! With a very short list of ingredients (one being your leftover mushroom & feta risotto), this’ll be an easy dish to whip up and yet is BOUND to be a sure crowd pleaser!

Prefer to watch instead? Go ahead!

Arancini Balls (using leftover risotto!)

Recipe Serves: depends entirely on how much leftover risotto you have and your desired portion size.

Here’s what we’ll be working with

  • Leftover risotto 
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • Breadcrumbs to coat the arancini
  • Rice bran or canola oil for pan frying

To Serve:

  • Aioli sauce
  • Cracked pepper
  • Parsley
Arancini Balls Recipe_Smart Homes For Living

Instructions – How to make arancini balls

Time to get cookin’ some tasty, heavenly balls!

Begin formin’ the balls

1. Whisk 2 eggs and add to the leftover risotto mixture.

2. Use an ice-cream scoop to create little balls made from the risotto mixture.

3. Coat the risotto balls in breadcrumbs.

Wait for the sizzle

4. Check the oil is hot by sprinkling some breadcrumbs in the pan, if it sizzles then it’s go time!

5. Once oil is hot, add the arancini balls, turning them and cook until golden.

Serve it up!

6. Add a dollop of aioli to a plate and add arancini balls on top to serve.

7. Finish with cracked pepper and parsley.

8. Enjoy!

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About Anna

Anna Bruno is the second mum we didn’t know we all needed. She was one half of the mother-son duo appearing on My Kitchen Rules in 2016, making it all the way to the semi-finals #TeamPerth. Anna now runs her very own successful (and very yummy) baking business, Mama Anna’s Cannoli. Drawing from her Maltese and Italian heritage, Anna is looking forward to showcasing some of her favourite recipes and we can’t wait for you to try them at home!

Written by Jazmine

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