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How To Create Floral Arrangements For Beginners | #StyleSmartsSeries

Mar 15, 2021 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Guest blogger: The Aesthete Collective 


Hi smarties,

Welcome back to The Style Smart Series. I’m Lulu Cavanagh from Aesthete Collective and today I will be talking you through some simple tips to create beautiful floral arrangements that will help spruce up your home.

I will be running through two very different floral options – the first one is a nice branch arrangement, and the second is a simple floral arrangement.

But first… let’s choose a vase

When creating the perfect floral arrangement, it is important to have the right size vase. Getting this right can have a real impact on the final result – no pressure.
For bigger foliage like the branches, I’ll be working with here, I would recommend a thinner, taller vase with some height. This will help make a statement.
For flowers that are much shorter and delicate, it’s best to use a slightly smaller one, especially when working with hydrangeas, like I will be here.

Arrangement one – Creating a beautiful branch arrangement

To get things started, I am going to go through some tips and tricks to create a beautiful arrangement using big, beautiful branches.

aesthete collective floral branches arrangement dining table

Get in touch with nature

When it comes to branches, you can get these a few different ways.

You can always pick them up from your local florist or wholesaler. However, what I love to do is get some fresh air and forage them myself. You just never know what you can find in and around your neighbourhood, and it’s a great way to save some dollars.

In this example, I will be working with oak because of its beautiful green, vivid leaves, but other really good alternatives you could use is olive leaf or eucalyptus.

*Snip snip snip*

When working with anything a bit thicker, like branches, it is always handy to have some floral snips or secateurs – there is just no way regular scissors are going to cut it.

Always trim your branches slightly before you start arranging them in your vase. Don’t just cut straight across, always trim on the angle (around 45°) as it helps the branches to absorb the water just that little bit better.

Be sure to remove any small branches that will get waterlogged. We don’t want these going soggy, turning your water a gross colour, and ruining your stunning new display.

Be chill, it’s the FUN part 

Time for us to start arranging. Take note of the shape of all the branches. Because of the way that they were grown, some of them are going to hang at different angles. Keep an eye out for some nice tall ones, you’ll want one of these to be the hero in the centre and arrange all the others around it.

Try not to over-do it and make things too structured. You want it to look more relaxed because it’s nature – even if it wasn’t.

For this kind of arrangement, I would put this somewhere like a dining table or a coffee table, or even a kitchen island just to bring some height to the area.

Nothing goes to waste

If you have a few little stems left over, there is no need to waste them. So, what I do is trim and tidy these up and pop them in little stem vases. This is perfect to liven up the space next to your bed, a sweet little display of nature to wake up to every morning.

Fill it on up

An important tip when working with branches or florals is to fill your vase either half or two-thirds full depending on the size of your branches. These oak leaves aren’t too weighty so I can get away with just half – but for ones that are quite heavy, you might need more water just so they don’t tip the vase.

aesthete collective floral arrangement living room


Arrangement two – Producing a stunning floral arrangement  

Cuttings from nature not for you, or are you looking for something a bit more polished? Here are some tips to create a simple – but beautiful – floral arrangement.

For this example, I will be working with hydrangeas. A simple trick when working with hydrangeas is to give them a water bath before you use them to keep them hydrated and super fresh.

aesthete collective floral arrangement coffee table

Keeping it tidy

Starting with the smaller bunches, again, cut all of the stems at a 45° angle. Get rid of any leaves on the stem that aren’t in the best condition to avoid the display from looking messy. Feel free to leave any on that look nice, to give the floral arrangement a bit of extra something.

Take note of the height and shape of all the stems. You’ll want one that is quite tall and straight to be your star in the middle, this is the one that is the most important to get the height right. Arrange all the others around this one by crossing over the stems so that they hold each other up.

Put your best bunch forward

Depending on where you are going to display your floral arrangement will determine how much attention you will need to focus on getting it absolutely right. If it is in the centre of a coffee table, you will need to spin and make sure that it looks good from all angles. Whereas, if it will be placed in the corner of the room, you can be a bit sneaky and just bring the better-looking bunches to the front. Play around with it until you feel it’s the most polished.

Make it rain 

As florals are not quite as heavy as the big branches we were working with before, they don’t need to be weighed down as much. Fill your vase about halfway. This should be just enough that will last, without the hassle of having to keep refilling it later.

aesthete collective floral arrangement living room


There you have it 

That’s it! Two super simple floral arrangements for you to try at home. Don’t forget it doesn’t need to be over-complicated for it to have a big impact on your space.

If you follow these tips your floral arrangement will last longer & make such a beautiful statement in your home:

  1. Always cut your stem on a 45° angle to allow the water to absorb and to keep your display feeling fresh
  2. Weigh down your vases with water so they don’t tip (usually half to two thirds should do)
  3. And, make sure to scale your vases to the items you’re putting in them (bigger doesn’t always mean better)

Thanks so much for joining us for this edition of The Style Smarts and we hope you join us for the next one!

Xoxo Lulu

Written by Siobhan


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