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How To Add Dining Space To Your Kitchen

Dec 15, 2015 | Home Designs

How To Add Dining Space To Your Kitchen

A formal dining area is becoming less common and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Take a look at some great options to maximise your kitchen space.


1. Wrap around extension

To create a social environment around your island bench, add some bar stools as pictured below. Consider extending your bench top at either end, creating an L shape that looks both aesthetically pleasing and maximises your room for preparing and cooking meals.


This wrap around style bench utilises comfort and maximises space

2. Breakfast bar

If you’re limited for space in this section of the house, simply add bar stools to your kitchen bench. The stools can be easily pushed away under the counter top, granted you purchase the correct size, ensuring your space stays clutter free. This is especially ideal for a kitchen that doesn’t have an island bench. Having a peninsula return at the end of a slew of kitchen cabinets will also maximise your bench space and provide room for extra storage.

island bench seats

Perfect for having your breakfast, a cup of tea or coffee

3. Island breakfast bar

This is one of the most common methods used in households throughout Western Australia. An island bench is the perfect spot to enjoy a quick bite to eat or a cup of tea or coffee.  Having your island bench overhang your cabinets by approximately 200-300 mm at the back of the island. This will create the ideal space for you to sit comfortably on the seats with the adequate amount of leg room.

exalt kitchen

The stylish kitchen as seen in The Exalt by Smart Homes For living

4. Just for two 

Even in the quaintest kitchens it’s easy to add some space for dining. A kitchen bench top can be extended past the cabinets to make space for two. When this area is not utilised as a dining space, it can be used as a space to prepare food.

bench for two

Ideal for a couple

5. Bench seat 

Another popular option is building a bench seat in front of a wall space or a window. This creates a cosy environment and provides plenty of space to dine. Adding a small table in front of it makes for the perfect way to enjoy your meals or drinks and makes the most of your space. Use of the bench seat instead of dining chairs adds a trendy vibe to the area and can even have storage built into the seats.

bench seat

The perfect space to have dinner and a chat

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