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3 of the Best Home Storage Solutions

Aug 2, 2016 | Home Designs

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Can we ever have enough space in our homes? Whether you’re renovating or building a new house, this is the perfect opportunity to think about setting up enough storage space in every room.

Without even realising it, we tend to accumulate lots and lots of stuff; kids’ toys, Christmas decorations, books and electronic gadgets, the list just goes on and on. No matter how spacious your home is, finding the space to fit all your belongings can be a tough task.

If you’re struggling to find space to hide everything away, we have three of the best home storage solutions to make you feel like you’re on top of the clutter.

Make use of the hidden space

A quick fix solution to your storage problems is storing items in the hidden away areas of your home. Out of sight, out of mind is our motto. For example, there is plenty of things you can store away under your bed, at the top of your closet, in the outdoor shed or even in the roof of your home (provided this is equipped to do so).

To maximise the use of these hidden storage spaces, its best to channel your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself ‘does this spark joy?’ to ensure you are only keeping things that are useful, you love or has sentimental meaning.

3 of the Best Home Storage Solutions Hidden Space

Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture

New furniture, who dis? When picking out new furniture for your new home, try to pick items with built-in storage spaces. Our fave picks are beds with a storage drawer underneath, a trunk coffee table that not only looks great but are also really functional, or built-in bench seats.

A lot of furniture now comes with hidden compartments, so its super easy tuck your things away without sacrificing any extra valuable space in the room. Plus, this allows you to keep your items close by for whenever you need ‘em. That’s pretty smart.

3 of the Best Home Storage Solutions Hidden Space

Invest in Shelving

Another perfect storage solution for your home is additional shelving or cupboards. This allows you to show off all the prized possessions rather than hide them away and is suitable for all areas of the home.

Larger shelving units are a practical substitute in your living areas or storage in your garage or study. Smaller or decorative single shelves may be more suitable for the kid’s bedroom, laundry or kitchen. We love ones that have both open and closed shelving so you’ve got some where to keep the not-so-cute items too.

3 of the Best Home Storage Solutions Invest in Shelving

Maybe it’s just time for an upgrade?

Sometimes, it comes to a point where we just outgrow our current home and need something a little bit bigger. Meet The Space Smarts range. These home designs have been created to give you plenty of storage and maximise the liveable space on your block. All the designs in the range are big on space, small on price, making them the perfect storage solution. Take a look at our designs to find your perfect match.

Still looking for more #designinspo for your home? Get in touch with our team of smarties, stop by our 1000m2 showroom or visit our display homes across Perth.

Written by Siobhan


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