House warming party tips

Housewarming Party Tips

by | Mar 16, 2014 | First Home Buyers

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Are you throwing a housewarming party soon? We give you the details on how to make it a memorable event…

A housewarming party is an informal party that is traditionally held within 10 days of moving into a new home of residence or the completion of a newly renovated home. It’s an opportunity for the excited hosts to present their new home to their curious friends, as well as for friends to give customary gifts to help furnish the new home.

There is a qwerky charm to seeing a home still scattered with moving boxes, as it usually gets people excited about the final outcome, so don’t be too concerned if your home is far from finished by the time the housewarming party arrives.

housewarming tips

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Here are some simple housewarming party tips to consider:

  • Keep food and drinks simple with casual finger foods and appetizers, such as little tea sandwiches, sushi, fruit and vegetable trays, stuffed mushrooms, olives, nuts, cheese, meat skewers, chips, cupcakes, beer, wine, coffee and tea.
  • Unpack as much as possible and put boxes into the appropriate rooms where people won’t trip over them.
  • If time is limited in preparing food, ask guests to bring an appetizer of their choice to contribute, as people do love to showcase their favourite recipes.
  • Don’t go overboard with decorations as you don’t want it to detract from the features of your new home. A few balloons and a welcome banner will get everybody cheery.
  • Go with a ‘party theme’ (i.e. French) and ask people to bring something ‘French’ with them.
  • Keep track of weather. If it’s hot outside, take the party outside.
  • Keep it casual and inexpensive. Invest in cute paper plates and cocktail napkins instead of fine chinaware.
  • Party activities such as board games, or making guests make abstract paintings for your new home (choose your paints so they match your colour palette) and providing a guest book for guests to sign and write their good wishes is a nice way to bring everybody together.
  • Show off and take guests on a full tour of the home.
  • Remember the little details, such as candles, lighting and fresh flowers.
  • Thank all your guests for attending your party. You can either give out goody-bags full of lollies at the end, or other ideas can be a bottle of wine, gourmet chocolates or a gift card.
House warming tips

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You are likely to receive gifts from guests unless you specify “no gifts” on the invitations. A housewarming party is a special occasion to celebrate with family and friends on the next chapter of your life. Be excited and don’t hold unrealistic expectations, but rather, enjoy the moment and the present. Good luck and have fun!

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