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HomeBuilder Grant Case Studies

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Finance and Money Saving Tips

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Here’s 4 HomeBuilder case studies we made up earlier… (but could totally happen) 

Meet first timers, Liam and Emma!

First Home Buyers, that is 😉 They’ve got their property smarts switched on and are searching our display homes for the abode of their dreams. Liam’s all about the entertainment space but Emma’s got her eye out for their growing family. They find “the one” – The Grand Madeline. 4 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and living space, and a SWEEEET games room = nailing it! Now, they get down to business *cue sexy music*. We’re talking money, savings, grants from the government…Oh my! And when they break it all down, they realize they can save $69k in the process. YES! YES! YES! Don’t believe us? Take a sneaky look yourself ;)When Liam and Emma decided to purchase a house and land package, this is what they’re entitled to:

• Federal Gov’s $25k HomeBuilder grant
• State Gov’s $20k Building boost
• State Gov’s $10k FHOG • Stamp Duty concessions (up to $14k)
Lights off, $55k + ON

I bet you wish your first time ended like this?

Meet sunset enthusiasts, Jacqui and Jessi!

They find the property location of their dreams! It’s overlooking the ocean for those perfect summer sunsets. Champagne anyone? BUT before popping the Prosecco, they have to deal with the deadbeat house hogging up the picturesque views #downer. So, Jessi gets in touch with our finance smarties. She’s keen to knock the squatter down and build a new home with big windows overlooking the water, just for Jacqui. Beyond cute, right?! We activate our rebuild smarts and tell Jessi that, as long as the property stays under the max threshold for rebuilds, she can build any one of our homes and nab those views right back! Check out what they’re entitled to:

• Federal Gov’s 25k Homebuilder grant
• WA State Gov’s 20k Building boost
That’s a sunset savings of $45k HELL YAY!

Now Jacqui is in love with the new place and the pair of them watch the sunset every evening together #cute.

Meet polar opposites, Ricki and Dale!

They’re ready for an upgrade but can’t decide on anything – except that they need to get out of their shower-leaking rental! Dale’s a sports fan, always having his mates over for game day … and game night, game afternoon, game weekend. Whereas Ricki likes a nice quiet night with wine, her two besties, and the latest goss from The Bachelor. They’ve got the land but can’t decide on a design that suits both of them, cue our #designsmarties intervention. We introduce them to The Driftwood – a private theatre plus an alfresco and huge master suite; brills. Finally, they have the space to do their own thing. Added BONUS, it actually brings them together! Not to mention the wicked grants and boost from the government also help ease some of the tension 😉 This is what they’re entitled to:

• Federal Gov’s 25k Homebuilder grant
• WA State Gov’ 20k Building Bonus
Hello, $45k!

These opposites can find something they agree on – an AMAZING smart deal!

Meet powerhouse, Jordan!

A breakup has never looked better. She drops 70 kilos of dead weight and makes herself a $200k  house instead. That’s a LEVEL UP! This Melbournite works out that she can build in WA (yep, even if she’s still living over east) and plans ahead for her new future with nothing holding her back – except maybe Chadstone, that forever pulls at her heartstrings. But hey, fresh start smarts trump shopping smarts every time. Okay, time to get online and match up her smarts with ours. It’s iDesign time. Once Jordan designs her urban/coastal dream house (central courtyard included) she works out that she’s entitled to:

• WA State Gov’s $20k Building Bonus – Worth crossing the country for $25k!!

Now that’s what we call embracing your power and elevating like a boss!

Still want more deets? We got chu.

Written by Siobhan


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