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Whether you live in an apartment or a 4x2 family home, space saving goes hand in hand with organisation and…

Whether you live in an apartment or a 4×2 family home, space saving goes hand in hand with organisation and together, it will help you save time on cleaning. Being organised will positively affect your mood as you’ll spend less time trying to find something, and spend more time doing the things you love. Now doesn’t that all sound worth it?

Be brave and be armed. After you tackle each room, you’ll be rewarded with a clean and organized home. Here are 3 quick and easy space-saving tips with examples in each for you to put into action right now:

Find hidden space

Image Source: Sterilite & Rakuten

1.       Find hidden space:

  • Top of closets – fill labelled boxes or containers and stack them up to the ceiling out of the way.
  • Under the bed – put drawers on wheels under the bed, or if you are really worried about dust, use vacuumed seal bags.
  • Behind doors – hanging over door hooks or a pocket shoe organiser are great for the bedroom or for the laundry.
  • Under the staircase – if big enough,  why not set up a little work desk under the stairs?
  • Any tiny ‘dead space’ – stick adhesive hooks onto any unusable tiny spaces to hang your apron, nightgown, purses or bags onto.
Multi purpose furniture

Image Source: Dlecn & King Furniture

2.  Buy multi-purpose furniture:

  • Storage beds – they already come with in-built storage drawers, a great investment.
  • Convertible beds (i.e. a sofa bed) – a couch that slides out into a bed. Perfect for guests.
  • Bookshelves & shelving units – popular storage solutions to display more than just books. The taller the bookshelf, the more ground space to play with.
  • Drawer Trolleys – great investment that can easily be wheeled around the home.
  • Foldable tables and chairs – light and portable, they will easily fold away when not in use.
  • Chests and trunks – invest in one with a cushioned top so you can sit on it, so not only can you store toys and other storage in it, but it also acts as a seat.
  • Hat stands – portable and convenient, they can also be used to drape your coats, scarves, jackets and umbrella on.

Using some, if not all of these smart space saving tips will greatly enhance your home, allowing you to worry less about mess, and focusing more on enjoying life!

Go verticle

Image Source: Home Advisor Home Source & Amy Bits & Demoll

 3.       Get off the ground and go vertical:

  • Wall Mounted Furnishings – get stuff off the ground and onto the walls for more space. Wall mounted cabinets, shelves, racks and lighting fixtures all help organise rooms efficiently while keeping them out of the way. If your windows have frames, utilise these too.
  • Magnets – running out of room on your fridge? Buy a stainless steel base (or DIY and get a sheet of stainless steel from the local hardware store and drill holes for the screws in each corner yourself) and then mount it to the wall. To go one step further, why not try the popular ‘magnetic spice rack’ idea. All you need to do is find good quality jam jars with metal lids, and then use Gorilla Glue Superglue to stick strong Neodymium magnets on the centre of the jar lids. Let it dry for 1 hour before mounting the jars to the steel base. Don’t forget to get crafty and label the bottom of the jars.
  • Ceiling-hanging– purchase a ceiling adhesive hook that is sturdy to hold some weight and you could hang curtains, lighting fixtures, hanging planters and pot pans.


Feature Image Source: Sterilite & Rakuten

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