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Dec 14, 2021 | Building Tips

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Designer colour scheme: Grounded Earth

9 Perfect Strangers is on our brain right now, so we’re here to provide your Tranquillum fix with our Grounded Earth-style palette. These days, being grounded is all about achieving the right balance in life, with a sense of stability and good sensible choices that make every decision worthwhile. You have to admit that does sound a little less anxiety evoking than the Tranquillum experience of foraging for your food and comforts under the watchful eye of mysterious Masha. Thankfully, Grounded Earth vastly differs from Masha’s mansion of wraithlike madness. Instead, this home design is where the rich, raw nature style meets everyday convenience and comfort. Here, there are no emotional confrontations in-sight, phhew, thank gawd.

An exterior palette to create inner peace

From what we’ve gaged so far, nothing is quite as it seems at the Tranquillium Retreat. Our Grounded Earth design on the other-hand, is all about transparency and authenticity – it’s a truly grounded approach to interior and home design. A standout feature of our Grounded Earth collection is the Habitat roof tiles in Jet Stone, inspired by cooling volcanic lava. The deep, rich colour of the tiles enables the rest of the home’s exterior colour palette to stand out amongst the crowd, while ensuring each element of the design enjoys an equal share of attention.

Frances, Melissa McCarthy’s character, describes Masha as an ‘amazing, mystical, unicorn’, and we say the same about the Grounded Earth design. Earthy colours are injected into the palette through the front door and entryway, working in harmony with the deep grey walls and the bold, black-framed feature window. The Facebrick feature wall in Tamala and garage door in Colorbond Surfmist reflect the rolling waves of our Indian Ocean and help to finish off the design with their calming, neutral tones.

A grounded interior palette

Now, when it comes to furnishing your Grounded Earth haven, we recommend further enhancing the rich palette of grounded earth with natural, organic furniture pieces that reflect the W.A outdoor environment. Think deep sunburnt orange hues of the desert, natural timbers and organic linen upholstery. Take a deep breath in, and relax – We’ve foraged, ahem, gathered a collection of organic, retreat inspired interior selections for your perusing.

Create your own tranquil retreat:

1. The April & Oak Ibiza Bamboo Chair with a natural white padded cushion is the beautiful touch of the ‘retreat’ vibe you need. Thick bamboo pieces in a natural finish adjoin together to make the base and sides of this chair. Sit back with a glass of wellness smoothie (not the Masha kind!) and enjoy the warm balmy evenings in this earthy home style.

2. It wouldn’t be the Grounded Earth palette without a Freedom furniture piece. Living freely without inhibitions is a sentiment echoed in each and every creation by these interior leaders. The Tidal Wave framed canvas piece is no different with its rolling raves of earthy pastel tones.

3. With a natural jute backing and warm, patterned look, this gorgeous fringed beige Nash Shag Rug by Temple and Webster will bring the perfect amount of warmth and texture to your living space.

4. With an elegant pure linen fabric and an element of rich character, this handmade, vintage linen fringe cushion in natural is Tranquillum in a cushion. Thanks Myer!

5. The Muse Velvet Modular Sofa by Life Interiors is a curvy, vintage design inspired by the 1970s and, with its rich, earthy tone, will become the real hero of the room.

6. Temple and Webster do it again with this Potted Faux Dried look hydrangea arrangement. Evoking the right amount of muted elegance, this faux dried array of florals are a delightful sculptural addition to your earthy interior and require no maintenance or care whatsoever. Afterall, the Grounded Earth retreat is all about caring for you. Sign us up!

7. Ok, so you might have recognised this gem from one of our other interior style palettes. Here, we’ve chosen an ashy volcanic black tone for this COSH table lamp via Freedom Furniture to mirror the Jet stone habitat roof tiles.

8. Bring a touch of the Mediterranean with this rustic, earthy Kallisto Ceramic Vase by our go-to interior gurus Target. We recommend placing a loose bouquet of Eucolyptus branches in this ceramic gem.


Perfect Strangers is laced (literally) with secrets that need unearthing. Here, we’ve unearthed everything for you, leaving no stone unturned. So if you’re interested to see how our Grounded Earth collection could work for your new home, have a look at the designer scheme in your portal.

Loving the naturalistic lewk? Recreate your own earthy haven with our Grounded Earth Pinterest Board.

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Written by Jazmine

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