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Jul 9, 2020 | Design and Interior Decoration, Display Homes

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Guest blogger: The Aesthete Collective


I recently had the pleasure of styling The Grand Madeline display home, and boy what a dream house it is. From the welcoming layout to the raked ceilings and all of the natural light, this house has everything I would want in a home. For the styling we went for a relaxed and minimal feel using neutral tones and natural textures to add character and warmth.

[coffee table] [sofa] [rug] [oval vase] [candle] [patterned cusion] [suede cushion] [side table]


Neutral hues in the soft furnishings such as sofas and bed linens mean your eye is still drawn to the architecture and beauty of the house. The timber in the joinery has been selected in a rich tone adding contrast and character against the bright white making it feel luxurious.

[bar stool] [platter] [artwork] [sofa] [rug] [suede cushion] [euro cushion] [vase]


When choosing artwork for the kitchen we wanted something black and white to keep focus on the kitchen details, but it needed to be large enough to match the scale of the space so it didn’t look too small. A great tip when styling a space is to pull colours and textures from your artwork, that way it all ties in nicely and makes for an easy starting point. If you’re looking for affordable yet individual artworks, try Etsy an online market place filled with talent from around the world.

[dining chair] [dining table] [vase] [bowl] [sofa]


Branches, foliage and florals always bring so much life into a space. When selecting our greenery for the dining room, we went with rustic olive branches to give an effortless, relaxed look to tie in with the beautiful timber table and popped them in a Kmart glass ribbed vase. The living room is a more refined space so we went with a classic floral and arranged them in a decorative vase from H&M Home along with some gorgeous coffee table books.

[coffee table] [oval vase] [candle] [book] [card holder] [rug]


When styling a large surface like a coffee table it’s a good idea to arrange the items then take a step back, the coffee table we chose for the living room is from Freedom. Often seeing the setting from a far can give you some perspective of what might not be working. Try adding, taking away or simply lining up your decorative items to make it more streamline, less is sometimes best when it comes to styling.

[coffee table] [sofa] [rug] [oval vase] [candle] [patterned cusion] [suede cushion] [euro cushion


I believe in putting your money into the larger pieces in your home, these are called ‘investment pieces’ and are the items that will be with you the longest, such as a dining table or a sofa. The decorative pieces tend to be things you will want to change with the seasons or when trends change, so it’s no big loss if you don’t spend a fortune on them, H&M Home, Kmart and Adairs are great for those items.

[bar stool] [sofa] [rug] [suede cushion] [jug] [print]

Well there was a few easy tips to get your home looking like it’s fit for a magazine shoot. Once you build up your confidence styling is actually a lot of fun as you can start to put touches of your personality into it. Get styling and don’t forget to tag us in your beautiful homes!

Lulu Cavanagh x

Written by Siobhan


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