Foreseeing the Unforeseeable

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How to Buy



(Looks into a Magic Eight ball, eyes roll backwards, the reading begins)

“You’re ready.”

“You wish you could fast track the building process and cut straight to the living-in-your-new-Smart-home thang.”

“You want it to be done already…You’ve been waiting what feels like a lifetime.”

Well, that’s how it would go if we were on the set of Neighbours. All high vibing drama and mystery with lots of velvet and fog and eerie music thrown in for good measure. Luckily, life on the West Coast is drama free (most of the time…) and the home building journey is anything but mysterious. At least to us. After building 1,000s of new homes across Perth and the South West we’ve got the process down pat. And we’re more than happy to unpack each learning and every smart here with you today. Enter: Our guide to all the things your Magic Eight Ball failed to mention. Because, when you’re able to foresee the unforeseeable, the stress of building a new home just melts away and the real magic – getting the keys – happens, and it’s better than you could have ever imagined.

Have Trust in Your First Home Builder

You’ve done your research, you know the meaningful list of awards from the ones that builders use to make themselves look good – is Best on Concreted Slab Field 2018 really a category? – and you’ve chosen your builder. You may have gone through a rigorous list of selection criteria, met with a short-list of customer service representatives, and spent your weekends at display villages until you found the perfect builder. Or, you just tapped into your gut instinct as a first home buyer and went on a feeling of honesty and connection. Either way, you now have a builder by your side and a team of professionals who build homes for a living. Our first piece of advice is to trust them! We can’t speak for all the first home buyers out there, but when it comes to Smart Homes For Living, we really do love our house and land package as much as you do and it’s our mission to have it to you on-time, on-budget, and looking as seriously speccy and smart as you envisioned. It’s how we use our Smarts and, hey, we even made a vid about it. Ps. If awards are really, really you’re thing it pays to know that we’re part of WA’s most awarded building group, Ventura Homes Group.

And if testimonials are more your jam, we’ve got some of the best ones in the biz too. See. But enough about us, let’s get back to the smarts sharing!  Next up:

Showroom Show-off

Showrooms and display homes will give you a HUGE insight into your finished home. If you’re a first home buyer and looking to build, then it’s time to walk around a home that’s already finished and see how it feels – those galley kitchen vibes just can’t be felt online! Or, if you’re in the market for a larger, country style home with a huge frontage, then check one out IRL. Display home visits will also help you to really get a sense of what you need in your house plan verse what just looks good on paper. Your Smart Homes For Living New Homes Consultant will be more than happy to pop along to them with you, so they can point out all this kinda stuff. Or, if you’re more of a solo researcher, check out our Must Haves vs Lust Haves article for guidance on tackling the minefield of desire vs dire need!

Beyond display homes, showrooms are where you’ll be able to get into the nitty gritty selections: fixtures, finishes, colours, textures, shapes, and sizes. Type A’s REJOICE! You can also take it one step further (and if you’re a type A new home builder then you definitely will) and go directly to the builder’s supplier’s showrooms. Ours are located in all our Head Offices and are worth a looksy if you ever get a chance:

  • Perth: Level 6/20 Walters Drive, Osborne Park, WA 6017. Open 8.00am – 5.00pm.
  • Bunbury: 11 Stirling Street, Bunbury, WA 6230.  Open 8.00am – 5.00pm.
  • Busselton: 47 Queen Street, Busselton, WA 6280. Open 8.00am – 5.00pm.
  • Margaret River: 3/111 Bussell Highway, Margaret River, WA 6285. Open 10.00am – 2.00pm

Just imagine walking around inside your ‘Dream Home’ Pinterest board and being able to feel and experience every detail of your new home! The best time to do this is before your prestart appointment with your Rep so that you have all your selections ready to GO. And if you’re building with a partner, make sure you guys are on the same page – if for nothing else, then to save yourself the awkward car ride home.

You Can’t Change the Weather

And sometimes its s*&^.  Builders, at least the good ones, have seen it all before so they know when it’s GO time and when it’s NO time. Extra trip: make sure your builders have been around the block (pun intended) and have decades of experience within their team so that you can be confident in their decision regardless of whether it is weather, cost or design related. Builders can usually predict the timeline of your build but there are times when pushing through will add even more time to the processes than just waiting for the weather to improve. Drying time, staff safety, damage to materials and equipment – there’s a lot our construction team considers before making any weather-related call – and your iPhone’s minute-by-minute predictions are only one part! The good news, you’re a first home buyer in Perth and we have some seriously impressive weather! And at Smart, we have a seriously impressive Smart Home Guarantee so you’ll know exactly what you can expect! *Anti-rain dance included #weathersmarts

two people formal people meeting

Talk, Visit, Write

Okay, you don’t really need to write, at least not with pen and paper (new era, who dis?), but an email here and there wouldn’t hurt. In foreseeing the unforeseeable, it’s all about communication. Your builder should be totally on top of this, keeping you updated and getting the next meeting/chat in the diary during each stage of the first home buying process #peoplesmarts. Of course, you can expect that from our team – but it’s not always the way with every builder. So, if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough information, forget playing hard to get, hit em’ up and hit em’ up again! You should also be able to conduct site visits so you can see it all happening in action. At the end of the day, your builder needs to have some serious people smarts, coz a builder without communication is like a brunch without smashed avo and champaz, and no one’s paying for that!


If you do all this you’re not only gonna end up with a great home, you’re gonna love every step of it! For more First Home Buyer smarts check out these recent articles from our seasoned pros: