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make first impressions… count


Whether we like it or not, first impressions count. They count when it comes to job interviews, first dates, first anythings really; and they particularly count when it comes to new homes!

It comes back to the interior designer mantra of choice, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Literally, every single designer we know eschews this one line! Which, when put into smartie talk, means you should try wherever possible to view the design/ building process holistically; carefully considering each element –  Your elevation being one of the big, sexy, exiting ones.

Speaking of sexy, not only do elevations affect the aesthetic (i.e. that pretty factor) value of your home, they can also have a HUGE effect on your property’s value. So you’ll want to go for a new home with a timeless elevation and balanced compositions. A home you’ll be proud to showcase over the years to come. A home that will happily house a plethora of memories and accommodate a Perth crowd. And, most importantly, one where regrets like, “I went with a fire engine red feature wall?! What was I thinking” don’t exist.

Are we on the same page? Awesome. That’s about as much as we marketing folk know about the value of giving good face, unless you want this to turn into which Mecca Maxima review, so we’ll pass you over to the real elevations ‘pert. The guy that comes up with ours: Adam Schaal.


How can a striking front elevation add value, you ask?

People make judgements on the physical appearance of an item in one-tenth of a second. Once you get over the mind-boggling nature of that fact the learning is clear – It’s essential to get it right the first time! A striking front elevation that reflects the care, quality and design behind the build will no doubt add to its home’s street appeal and resale value.

Because it’s the biggest first impression you’ll ever make we’ve decided to launch 2019 with a bang by rolling out six luxe elevations – AS STANDARD. Which is to say you can get any of them for free with any of our 60+ home designs. Each elevation has been expertly designed to provide our customers for more value for no extra cost. It’s a bit of a winning formula and we’re a bit (ok, more like a lot) proud.


Tell us more about SHFL elevations…

Besides from being free with any of our Perth new home designs, each of the six elevations we’ve rolled out as standard are completely different in look and feel.

The Australis 

Though minimal in her appearance, this beauty evokes a sense of relaxation and offers a traditional design for our Australian climate. We can’t help but imagine it in the country filled with giggling children, lots of cuppas and the sound of nature all around.

Australis 12.5m Elevation Render

The Contempo

A sleek number with black lined windows against a neutral colour palette, this one is perfect for those obsessed with modern minimalism (as suggested by its name).

The Elegance

The Elegance is an elevation offering a chic coastal vibe with an air of sophistication we all love to hate, but really really love. Perth has that rare combination of beach-side living and city vibe, so I guess this little number caters to both.

Elegance 12.5m Elevation Render

The Prestige

Just like that timeless bag you can pull off with every dress, this stunner oozes luxury and extravagance. Go on, spoil yourself. Nailing the #firstimpressions game is oh so worth it.

Prestige 12.5m Elevation Render

The Urban

We are obsessed with this elevation and its stunning exposed brick feature. A little edgier than her sisters, this gal is sure to impress and kind of makes me want to explore an industrial feel for the interior… You feeling it too?

Urban 12.5m Elevation Render

The Vogue

En-vogue means being fashionable, and this elevation will forever be just that. Gorgeousness of this calibre never goes out of fashion.

Vogue 12.5m Elevation Render

Why were these designs developed?

Our aim at Smart Homes For Living is to offer peeps of Perth premium homes with an affordable price tag. These elegant elevations not only ensure our deserving clients have the best-looking homes on the street, they also create efficiencies in the building process. Each elevation is designed, priced up, and comes at no extra cost allowing us to get them through our back of house and to site quicker.

Do you customise designs?

We are very flexible when it comes to customization, so if you have any must-have design requirements, please ask one of our smarties!

What should you consider before choosing the perf elevation?

Before selecting your home elevation, defs consider your climate and surrounds. Light, neutral colours, and textures evoke a coastal feel whilst dark, warm colours and textures form a modern look. The overall feel of your home should reflect your style – I suggest gathering your inspirations (Pinterest boards included) and having a chat with one of our friendly design experts.

How does location and lot size come into it?

Each of our elevations is adaptable to a number of locations and lot sizes (10m to 17m to be exact). We recommend our clients consider the external environment’s aesthetics when choosing their elevation – our Australis elevation is a brilliant choice for those seeking that beachy meets country lifestyle whilst our Urban elevation (which is industrial through and through) is perfect for those with a little creative edge or inner-city plot.


Now that you’re all clued up on elevations, have a look at our six brand-spanking new ones and start narrowing the options down. *Psst* if you’re super keen why not add your faves to Pinterest (or print ‘em out) and bring them into Pre-start. Ready, steady, smart!