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How to create the ultimate Entertainment Room set up for your new home. Creating a fantastic entertainment room set up…

How to create the ultimate Entertainment Room set up for your new home.

Creating a fantastic entertainment room set up for your new home can be a rewarding way to celebrate and enjoy your new pad. Below, we’ve consulted some of the best experts in home theatre systems to inform you about some of the things you’ll need to consider before you begin.

An ideal home entertainment room set up will involve researching the following factors:

1. Know What You Want.

Before you start:

First, ask yourself what exactly you are creating. Is this purely a visual entertainment room? Or is this also a place to relax with a laptop on the couch or entertain guests over conversation?

Are you also using this space as general living area or is it only for gaming, TV and movies only?

2. Know Your Budget

Get your priorities right:

Is a kick-ass TV the highest priority, or is it your furniture? What about your media sources. Will you be setting up pay TV via Foxtel or IPTV, or will you simply download and stream via Apple TV or other devices?

What kind of furniture are you going to get, lazy boy armchairs or long couches?

Once you’ve figured out your total budget and what parts of your entertainment room set-up will get priority, you can move onto the next step.

3. Optimize the Space


Optimise the space in your new entertainment room set up. Image via Smart Homes for Living

Placement of TV and furniture:

Some media rooms may not be as big, depending on the design of your new home. The distance between your furniture and your TV or projector screen can make a huge difference in the audio visual experience.

Pushing your furniture to the back of your room and having the TV on the other side is optimal. Alternatively, if you are in an area that might experience a lot of movement between furniture and TV, you’ll need to look at removing any possible blocking of the screen by encouraging movement either behind the couch or armchairs or behind the TV.

The shape of the room:

Square rooms will typically present big challenges for your audio system. Building false walls on either side of your room to create a rectangle entertainment room will be worth the effort.

Sound and Light:

You’ll need materials that will absorb sound. Carpets or rugs are far better than flat surfaces. Tiles and hardwoods will bounce the sound around far too much.

In terms of light, think about days at home on the weekend or sick days off work. You want to be able to allow light into the room to keep the entertainment space less like a dark cave, however, when it comes to watching TV and movies – you want to keep the light out. So, if your entertainment room has sun facing windows, invest in blackout curtains.

4. Start with the Screen

Ultra HD TV

Ultra HD TV. Early days for the technology. Image via HDTV Solutions

What TV should you get?

Get into the right entertianment system starts with the right visual medium. LDC, plasma and LED HD TVs are the most common technology on the market for now. LCDs and LED TVs are brighter, ideal for rooms with lots of natural light. Plasma screens will require a darker room. Plasmas are best for bigger rooms to allow for more acute viewing angles.

Ideally, you should position your screen seating area 1.5 times the distange of the diagonal size of the display. Anything bigger, consider looking at projector and screen.

Ultra HD TVs are going to probably be the most common TV system in the next decade, however, the price of these are pretty high. These curved TVs give an impressive experience. However Ultra TVs have only been on the Australian markets since 2013 and broadcasters are yet to go to air with the technology.

5. The Sound System 


Sweet speaker system. Freestanding speakers are a great choice for an entertainment room set up. Image via BT

The sound system maketh the entertainment room set up:

For the most impressive sound system, look into purchasing and installing a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. That includes 5- 7 speakers around your room plus a subwoofer.

Where possible, you should look into wire the entertainment room for sound before the drywall of your new home is put in place.

However, you can also look at wireless speaker systems. You should look to have speakers behind your TV, around the corners of the room or behind furniture. The biggest challenge homeowners face here is hiding wires, making it a good idea to wire for sound before drywall goes up if possible. A receiver to power and allow switching your speakers like a Blu-ray player is ideal.

5. Organise the Wires

Keeping your wiring organised is essential.

Don’t blow a fuse: Keeping your wiring organised is essential for your entertainment room set up. Image via Electrician Fleurieu Peninsula

Keeping your wiring organised is absolutely essential. Don’t blow a fuse (in your brain) by forgetting to organise and keep wires in place. Invest in some plastic wire clips to keep your bundles of wires together, tape them to the ground and keeping them from tanglement. The effort will save you time and frustration for years to come. You know what we mean. Blue wire goes here, red wire goes here, HDMI goes here and here.

6. Find the Best Furniture

Choosing an epic chair as the center piece of your entertainment room set up will make you smug as...

Choosing an epic chair as the center piece of your entertainment room set up will make you smug as… Image via BOT Meubelen

As we explained earlier, your furniture and your room size are key. Get the tape measure out and start looking at what can fit.

Don’t fill the room, keep it spacious and big enough to move around, remember you’ll need lots of jumping room for lives sports events and plenty of space to smash glasses or throw pillows if your team loses by a point after the siren.

Think about game play as well. If you have kids, think about how they like to sit in front of the TV for hours on end playing X-Box or PlayStation.

The home entertainment room is a place to relax, so make it the very best furniture you can afford. Take a trip to all the stores and find the perfect comfort furniture.

7. Storage

Impressive Entertainment Room storage

Impressive Entertainment Room storage idea for your entertainment room set up. Image via Xiaoguotu

Even though we store a lot of our entertainment in the cloud, we’ve all got our big DVD collections, old CD’s, maybe even vinyle, old entertainment books and other technology that’s been accumulated over the years like gaming consuls and random entertainment paraphernalia.

Buying the right entertainment shelves and cases is going to make a great difference into how clean your entertainment room will be.

Most importantly, don’t forget the beer fridge as well. Keep it stocked with lots of beer, diet soft drink and wine.

8. Decore


Home Theatre Set up. Image via Flickr by ‘theople’

Every home entertainment room set up needs some old time movie posters, classic Hollywood celebrity photos and lots of reds and dark black colour schemes.

If you’re a sports fan, you should invest in some team memorabilia for your entertainment room set up. Lots of easy to fit games like a foosball table, as well as coffee tables and drink holders are also great idea.

Get involved and immerse yourself in your passions. Its the way it should be to create just one important part of your new home.

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