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Drives Me Crazy!

Mar 11, 2019 | Featured, News, Smart Products, Smart Tips, What's trending

Are you the typa’ car lover who just wants to admire your smokin’ 1955 Jaguar D-type (ok we might not have one, but it’s on our list as soon as the lotto funds clear 😉) from the comfort of your sofa? Maybe you’re working on a DIY project-car, and you’re sick of that overall dull soreness & stiff neck you get every time you spend the day under a car? Or perhaps you’ve got an ever so slight (your wife might say unhealthy) obsession with collecting cars? #feels.

Look, we’re not here to point fingers. In fact, we’ve done a little Q&A with Smart Homes for Living’s car-obsessed New Homes Consultant Nik Cvekoski & his equally obsessed client Milton Carroll to fuel your fast car needs. This guy not only loves sharing his passion for cars with all you like-minded folk, he also knows a thing or two when it comes to garage designs and sweet rides – he’s seen cars worth up to 400k & Japanese world-title cars just to name a few. And if that wasn’t enough, amongst his impressive client designs are glass garage walls and a 360-degree rotating floor (Sounds like a James bond thing but we swear it was done right here in Perth!).

Ready to dive a little deeper or drive a little faster?

Just one more car.. Promise!

Ever been afraid of opening your garage for fear of having a canoe slide off the top of your crowded storage shelf? Or a pile of fishing rods fall on top of you? Or maybe you’ll get buried in dust only to be found years later when someone finally decides to clear the garage. Anyway, what we’re trying to say is it’s time to take the wheel and invest in that 4… wait 6… wait.. 8 car-garage you’ve always dreamt of. I mean have you ever really heard someone complain about having too much storage, car space or room in their man-cave? The answer is either A: Heck no or B: No because it’s just not a thing!

Hello Hoists

According to Nik, the biggest garage trend of the moment is added height to accommodate a car hoist. Once you’ve swapped out an exhaust system or upgraded a part in the comfort of a chair (no kneeling required here), you’ll wonder how you put up with no hoist!

Did we also mention you can stack cars on top of each other and that it can be in your new home from as little as 10k extra?!

“Jacking your car can be a real hassle- people want something practical, spacious and well designed”

Custom dreams designs

We know you can spend all weekend on project cars, so it only makes sense to sit back and admire the beauuuty of your hard work, right? Right! Although on the speccy end of the spectrum the use of glass garage walls, which allow you to see your hot wheels from the comfort of your living area (yassss), is seriously rising in popularity.

Nik also recently designed a 360-rotating floor for a client’s UBER impressive car (an ultra luxxy $$ high-end Euro sports car) so they can see it from all angles.

“My clients spend a lot of time customising their vehicles so, it’s only natural they want to show them off”

Who & Why?

News flash, you don’t need to be a race-car driver or celeb to have a flash garage.

“We get a range of people wanting to customise their garages. Anyone from old-school muscle car collectors to full-rebuild fanatics. Even those that just have a BUNCH of stuff to store – quads, bikes, a car or two, kids …Ok, the kids bits a joke but they do come with their added storage requirements!”

Now over to Nik’s Big-is-best Garage client, Milton Carroll.

Milton realised his car obsession shortly after purchasing his Nissan 180sx. When he wasn’t spending countless hours fixing it up, he was likely googling ways to improve it. Simply put, cars are a way of life.

“My passion for cars has led me to strong friendships. It’s an activity that brings everyone together- if I wasn’t working on my own car, you’d find me cruising with my mates, at a car event or on the track”

What size is your garage and why is it important for you to have the extra space?

Nik created a custom 7.5m x 12m garage with a 3.2m high ceiling to cater for my car hoist and shelving units. This design comfortably fits 6 cars which is ideal for me as I use the space as a workshop. I wanted a spacious garage as I need to store special equipment, tools, cars, a hoist AND my work truck.

I also do a lot of drive line work underneath cars and this is a hard task to achieve working on the floor. The car hoist allows me to pull gearboxes, motors and diffs apart without having to lay on the ground.

And Costs?

Living the #JamesBondlife has never been so affordable. Upgrade from your double garage to a 4,6 or 8 car garage from as little as:

4 car garage designs from $10k*

6-car garage designs from $30k*

8-car garage designs from $35k*

Got the green light from the Mrs? Contact Nik Cvetkoski at Smart Homes for Living on:

[email protected]

0413 648 274  

Or follow him on Facebook:

for more info on how you can make those #cardreams of fixing up a Chevvy a reality.


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