Dark Interior Design

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Moody interior design inspiration for the home. Get the ideas on how to add some darkness to your home.

While it’s  popular nowadays to have a minimalist, clean and predominately white home with safe, complimentary furnishings, there’s nothing stopping you from being a little edgier and bolder with your colour choices.

Creating a dark space in your home gives warmth and personality to that area, and you can easily achieve a moody look by combining dark paint colours together.

To balance this interior decor out, all you need to do is add splashes of metallic, bright colours, neon and white with lighting, accessories and soft furnishings.

Read on to see how you can add Dark Interior Design to your home.

When designing for a moody minimalistic interior, opt for furnishings and fixtures that also make a bold statement. One of the most beautiful (and ironic) things about interior design is that what often contradicts each other, can often compliment one another.

If you’re a little apprehensive about transforming an entire space – let alone your entire home – why not add a dark accent wall or opt for darker flooring? While black is certainly a colour you can choose when creating a ‘moody’ interior space, you don’t need to rely on it. Below are some great examples that show off darker flooring and walls that aren’t black, but rather shades of brown, navy and dark grey.


A dark grey/blue wall seen in The Conquest Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

expert master

Dark grey wall and carpet seen in The Expert Display Home by Smart Homes for Living


A brown-schemed bathroom seen in The Gallardo Display Home by Smart Homes for Living


A black accent wall on the left, with dark timber laminate flooring seen in The Gallardo Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

fusion south west

A dark brown ensuite seen in The Fusion South West Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

expert living

Brown flooring seen in The Expert Display Home by Smart Homes for Living


Looking for more interior design inspiration and tips? Take a read of our Monotone Interior Design article for some black and white inspiration. Our Colour Watch: Using Brown in interior design is also a helpful guide. Or see our Hot Decor Trends post.

Written by Madeleine


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