From concrete slab pour to slab party!


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it’s the first milestone


The slab is the first step in your new home’s construction journey 😍

Like you, we just want it done already. Patience my friend. The concrete slab is the very foundation that your new home relies on so it needs to be just right!

Not constructing yet? No worries, this blog will give you all the headstart smarts you need to pre-plan your slab party.


Prep time

Cue, earthworks! That’s our fancy building term for levelling the ground. An earth-worker (yep, that’s actually what they’re called) removes all the weeds, plants, and shrubs and constructs a sand pad where we’ll lay your slab down to rest. Having built thousands of homes, our experts have this step perfected.

Once the sand pad (for your new pad) is compacted, there’s a few special features to get ready for the slab: 

  • A termite barrier is sprayed on top
  • Waterproofing membranes are laid
  • Service penetrations are installed (meaning inward water, gas and electrical, and outward grey and black water waste)
  • Reinforcing steel is fixed


Okay, time to pour!

Not the wine 😉 the concrete! Finally the concrete slab is poured and then left to cure. This is to ensure the base’s strength and longevity. You wouldn’t serve a rack of lamb before letting it rest would you? Same, same.

Once the slab has cured, local plumbers will be onsite to install drainage. We believe in hiring local tradies and producing as much of our materials locally. It’s a little dose of our sustainability smarts in action.

How thick is the slab, you ask?

For those who love the technical deets, all our concrete slabs are installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2870 and AS 3600. In WA this means a slab thickness is between 85 mm and 100 mm. Most Perth building sites are flat and sandy so an 85mm slab will generally be sufficient for a single storey residential construction.


Ain’t no party, like a slab down party!

We absolutely love seeing pics from our client’s Smart slab parties. So, if you’re the any-excuse-for-a-party type, gather your peeps and don’t forget to tag us #fromsmarttofinish on socials! 

Before you jump the gun, ‘member that as the builder we have possession of site and are liable for any issues, so you’ll need to get written approval from us first and have a smartie on site to accompany you. This is a legal MUST.


Next up? Underground connections (less Breaking Bad than it sounds).