Colour Watch: Using Brown in Interior Design

Sep 23, 2014 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Colour Watch: Using Brown in Interior Design. We look into what the colour means and where it looks good in…

 Colour Watch: Using Brown in Interior Design

Colour Watch: Using Brown in Interior Design. We look into what the colour means and where it looks good in the home.

Brown is the colour of dark wood and rich soil. It is a composite color made by combining red, black and yellow. It is widely seen in nature, wood, soil, human hair colour, eye colour and skin pigmentation. 

Brown is a serious, down-to-earth color signifying stability, protection, comfort and support. As brown is solid with strength and maturity, it is often favoured by males to use in interior design.

Colour Combo Suggestions with brown:

  • Grey, metallic silver and brown for an unusual neutral look.
  • Black, orange-red, off-white and brown for a strong neutral background.
  • Pale pink, light brown, beige and black for a neutral art decor colour scheme.
  • Light brown, citrus orange, touch of white for an earthy vibe.
  • Brown, tan, bright teal creates an earthy scheme that is full of life.
  • Shades of brown and a touch of grey with a dark earthy orangy red is a strong, masculine scheme.
  • Dark chocolate brown as a background works great with an orangey  brown and yellow, with a touch of grey adding lightness.

Where to use brown without overdoing it:

Wisdom 16

Brown furniture as seen in this home theatre. creates a warm cinema-feel space.

Brown Furniture.

Muse 16

Brown bathroom vanities go effortlessly well with white, creating a calming environment.

Brown bathroom vanities, drawers, cabinets and doors.

Horizon 16

Brown stools in the kitchen compliment any kind of colour scheme, adding some sophistication and warmth into the open living plan.

Brown kitchen stools.

Genesis 5

Brown is a great choice for a males bedroom, try using it on the feature wall.

Brown accent wallpaper.

Commander 22

Brown is a serious and mature colour that will fit nicely into the study. Swap the standard black or white desk for an earthy, warm brown.

Brown desks.

Commander 35

Brown timber laminate flooring is a versatile base to use that will look good with anything.

Brown flooring.



Written by Siobhan


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