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Dec 3, 2018 | Design and Interior Decoration, Living In Your New Home

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To be fashion forward and edgy like Kimmy K or classic and timeless like Lucy Williams (if you haven’t heard…

To be fashion forward and edgy like Kimmy K or classic and timeless like Lucy Williams (if you haven’t heard of her do us all a favour and follow this insanely cool chick on insta – we’ll wait); that is the question. At least it is when it comes to creating awesome new home designs!

If you haven’t caught on already we’re being serious. This is a real conundrum, smarties.

So, let’s get down to business. Because, interiors are business (at least ours) and they ain’t no joke! Not only can they increase the value of your new home and provide inspiration for all your adoring tribe, on-point #interiorsmarts can also create good vibes and happy lives.

  • Are you feeling blue?
  • Are you green with envy?
  • Do you like to think pink?

Yep, that’s all deeply rooted in us. We know, we know – it sounds a bit hippy-dippy, but colours can – and do – subconsciously generate emotions and enhance others. They’ve got magical happy-making vibes if you will, a bit like unicorn colouring in sheets and watching Ombre at-home-kit disasters on Youtube. (Again, if you haven’t done this, stop reading this blog and go check ‘em out)

So next time you’re in that Scandi inspired interior and wondering why *poof out of nowhere* your stress levels have dived down ten notches from ‘crazy dazy’ ‘to ‘zen as a hen’, you’ll know why.

On the other end of the scale, vibrant shades encourage socialising and communication while darker hues encourage relaxation and evoke comfort (we’re already feeling suuuper-duuuper relaxed just writing this).

There’s no escaping trends. Even those low waisted, faded flares you confidently rocked in 2001 Britney style (Yeah, you thought you’d buried the evidence! Ummm: Myspace!) But there are ways to incorporate trends tastefully and subtly into new home designs. Simply put, a pop of colour to a neutral home is like a garnish twist to a martini. It’s yum, it’s fun, and a home (or martini) wouldn’t be the same without it.   

This year’s colour palette is sure to inspire you. Whether it’s minimalist furniture choices in your preferred shade or trending paint colours, it’s a serious decision and we are here to help you through the process, hopefully with a few giggles and pop culture references along the way. Let’s do this.

Stay Neutral

neutral collageSome trends last longer than others, and the Nordic-inspired minimalist palette with its dreamy pastels continues to dominate interior blogs, interior designs, and styling choices. And, it’s a massive YES from us. Is it the way it maximises natural light? Do we take comfort in knowing that with a heavenly neutral backdrop, we can safely mix it up with a POP of on-trend colour whenever we damn well please? Or, does it have something to do with the fact we know neutral walls will never be a thing of the past? Who knows, it’s probably a mix of all of the above. One things for sure: we won’t be waving goodbye to this oh-so-stylish interior look any time soon.

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Black is The New Black

black interiors collage

Ooooh even the name oozes elegance and sophistication. With this trend think soft, lush quilted velvet armchairs and cushions, black-veined marble countertops and black lighting and tapware fixtures. Black not only adds a touch of much-needed drama to an interior it also adds class. Considering it’s a trend that’s continually gracing the cover of Vogue Living, it’s about time we treat black the way it deserves to be treated – as a timeless neutral. “Black is the New Neutral” – yeah, that has a ring to it too…




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In The Pink

Pink armchairs, pillow collage

Deep pink; this shade of pink is no hectic Madonna comeback but a reimagined soothing shade of pink that perfectly blends the dreamy neutral palette of unbleached linen and the vivacity of pink (we aren’t talking about the singer but her hair colour back in 2013 isn’t far off). Shades of dusty rose will bring just enough warmth and glow to your interior and contrasts beautifully with darker shades too – Consider lavish deep pink armchairs and pink linen cushions, and go from there. *Share Image of blush interior picks*



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Forecasting Warmth

Warm colour palette

This palette is a mix of earthy neutrals, warm oranges and cinnamon browns – sounds yummy right? There’s no better time than spring to reflect the warm, rich earthy tones of our surroundings and that’s exactly what’s happening in the world of interior trends. This shade compliments that dreamy tan leather couch you invested in and the Fiddle Leaf Fig you practically goo-goo ga-ga over every time to catch sight of it. Yes, this one has our tick of approval and it’s our top pick of the colour forecast. Big call, but we stand by it!



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A Nod To The Past

Drawing from our inner vintage queen and all things timeless, Duck-egg blue is a modern twist on the traditional blues and greens you would see adorning the walls of traditional, old-English Victorian homes.  Innately comforting and best paired with a minimalist interior, this blueish hue creates a calming and collected space that encourages you to unplug and unwind – and with Apples latest screen-time limit feature, it’s pretty obvious our generation is in need of this! We recommend pairing this colour with classic furniture pieces and luxy textiles.





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Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Head over to our Lookbook Series, pick whether you’re more of a Mod-Chic (neutral Scandi colours), Industrial (black finishes and warm colours) or Hamptons (white walls with a touch of blush) typa person. Or, see all of our Home Designs and we’ll help you design the new home of your dreams.

Written by Siobhan


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