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There are days where work is just that. We’re not complaining – existing in a grown-up’s Lego World complete with…

There are days where work is just that. We’re not complaining – existing in a grown-up’s Lego World complete with colourful bricks and even colourfuler characters definitely has its perks! But like we said: its work. Then… A wonderful client calls us for a yarn or even better yet agrees to meet us IRL to talk about their new home, hopes, dreams, you name it; and just like that we’re back baby! Busting with energy and purpose. (Cliché much?)

This happens every day so it’s nothing to write home about. Gottcha! Every client story is worth writing home about. Which is why we recently jumped at the opportunity to sit down with new home owners, Andrea and Keith, and share the #feels. (Wait, we mean #smarts)

This is them:

And they are perfection!

Having shed their work responsibilities, gotten rid of the pesky roomies (aka kids) they’re living their best life, and boy oh boy do we wish it was ours. Unlike us 9-5ers their everyday

stress levels shover permanently around the 5/100 mark. Probably because they can drive during non-rush hours (say what!) and go for dinner at 5pm or 11pm because hey, tomorrow’s looking like a great day to press snooze.

Upon arriving at their Golden Bay digs it quickly becomes apparent that Andrea and Keith couldn’t be more deserving of such a life. And, contrary to the stereotype, prefer to keep busy.

Keith’s the kind of guy that’s always chipping away at various DIY projects, paving the backyard or replanting the side of the house. While Andrea not only radiates warmth and

love, according to our New Homes Consultant she’s also an expert baker. (How many baked goods did you really get you lucky bugger !)

So, with all that being said, it was a no-brainer they fell in love with our Motivation display (and our lovely New Homes Consultant) and ended up with a breezy home complete with its very own cedar lined alfresco and stunning outdoor kitchen. You may have heard of the ‘emotional cost’ of moving homes but for this couple, the experience was nothing short of perfect. Our Sales Consultants have helped our customers build beautiful homes, so they know what will work, what won’t, where to scrimp and where to splurge. Don’t take our word for it though, hear what Andrea and Keith have to say:

Why did you decide to build new instead of buying established?

For us, customisation was a big motivating factor. Being able to choose each and every one of our finishes (flooring, tiles, configuration, paint colours) allowed us to create our dream home. Had we bought an existing home, we would have had to do renovations and fix-ups to make it right for us – there was no extra money spent on painting and repairs and the end outcome was a beautiful house we had always envisioned calling home.


Does the home reflect your personality?

Absolutely! When choosing each element of our house (and we were astounded by the level of customization available!) we made sure not to rush the process and carefully considered our preferred finishes, fixtures, colousr…You name it. There’s a story behind each of our furniture and decorative items. This adds a unique character to our home, so it was important for us to reflect this character in our home. The end result is a beautiful house filled with character and charm.

Which inclusions were most important to you?   

The most important thing about a home is comfort and relaxation. The air conditioning, flooring (carpet & tiles) and window treatments were all included in our package when we built with Smart Homes for Living. This took a heap of stress out of the building process and allowed us to really see the value of the build.



What did you enjoy most about the building process? 

It was such a positive experience collaborating with our New Homes Consultant and watching our home, brick-by-brick, come to life. In fact, each Smart Homes for Living representative from supervisor to tradesmen made us feel welcome and most importantly kept us informed. We felt included in the process and knew we had made the best choice from day dot.

What is the most difficult thing about building a home?

The build was an easy process for us—the only challenging part was selling our existing property and packing up (we all know that can be a hassle). Having said that, with the result we achieved through smart homes, we would do it all again in a heartbeat.    

Having gone through the building process, what advice would you give someone about to go through the same situation?

We would definitely recommend making the most of having a New Homes Consultant and the Smart Homes team on hand. The team’s accommodating and supportive nature ensured we felt informed every step of the way. Another important thing to remember is that no question is a silly one! Ask as many questions as you can think of and don’t rush the process of choosing your materials and finishes. You are creating a home where you’ll build a lifetime of memories so it’s important it feels like home. Whether you’re looking to downsize, upsize or start afresh, contact our lovely team of sales consultants to start your dream-home build.



Written by Madeleine


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