Choosing the Best Kitchen Floorplan Design

Jul 23, 2014 | Building Tips

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The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house. In this article, we guide you in choosing…

When looking at a floor plan, one of the more important areas of the home you will be using the most is the kitchen, so it’s important to pay special attention to how you want your kitchen layout to be to make it most optimal for your family’s routine flow.

Smart Homes For Living offers an exclusive platform called iDesign, where it allows users to freely modify and make changes to their favourite Smart Homes floorplans. After you’ve finished ‘designing’ your dream home, you submit it to Smart Homes for an immediate quote within 24 hours.

To give you an idea of how it works, I’ve selected The Solution floor plan on the Smart Homes For Living website that’s available to play around with on their iDesign. I then clicked on the different kitchen changes I could make to the kitchen. Here are my kitchen design options that hopefully spark some idea of how you would want your very own kitchen to look like.


This floorplan by Smart Homes for Living shows 4 different iDesign changes that can be made to its kitchen.

The benefits of each kitchen layout design are:

1. Kitchen ‘L Shaped’ with huge walk-in pantry

Aristocrat 14

  • Additional bench space
  • Larger walk-in pantry space
  • Best option for modern families

2. Kitchen with breakfast bench and add-on Scullery

Expert 11

  • Large scullery is another cooking area for the master chef
  • Great for entertaining, to keep the cooking in the scullery.
  • Those who cook spices and curry prefer sculleries to keep everything in the scullery.

3. Kitchen with island bench and smaller walk-in pantry

Protege 8

  • Great for hosting events, makes for a good food
  • Makes the kitchen more accessible as people can go in and out easily

4. Kitchen with scullery facing views and nearby IT Bay 

Wisdom 9

  • Having a scullery close to the window makes it easy to get rid of strong smells when cooking heavy spiced dishes
  • Fantastic views for the masterchief
  • Nearby IT bay makes it easy to look up recipes online close to kitchen
  • Children can do their homework under your watch


Other Kitchen design layout options to consider:

5. ‘U Shaped’ Kitchen

Destiny 28

  • Even more bench space, with extra ‘preparation area’.
  • Usually the ‘U Shaped’ is opposite the alfresco for scenic views
  • Compact

6. Kitchen with nearby Bar Recess

Muse 25


  • Great for wine and beer lovers
  • Entertainers delight
  • Great when in the middle of kitchen and home theatre for extra convenience

Interested in playing around on the iDesign platform? Start designing your own home now using iDesign.

Written by Siobhan


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