Biophilia Home Inspiration

Oct 28, 2021 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Designer colour scheme: Biophilia

There’s nothing quite like the setting of Survivor Australia to inspire our interiors… Ok, the competitor’s resilience is pretty inspiring too. Though we don’t wish to be stranded on a desert island without any basic amenity or faced with the fact that our survival is penned on our ability to rustle up food, shelter, water and fire, we can marvel at the beautiful botanical surroundings from the comfort of our luxurious linen lounge and indoor plant sanctuary #YASS. Now, to introduce our greenest interior palette, the Biophilia. Referring to our love of nature and the importance of wellbeing and self-care, the Biophilia style envelopes the sensation of being part of the natural environment in an increasingly urban landscape. It is the perfect palette for warm climates and focuses mainly on the calming effects of bringing the outdoors in.

The exterior palette: green is the new black

Now onto the next tribal challenge, ahem exterior; a focal point of our Biophilia collection is the Habitat roof tiles in Lily, designed to add harmony to the home environment through its delicate and pure appearance. Directly below, the large picture window allows abundant natural light to flood into the home, adding to the sense of refreshing energy and helping to keep your green sanctuary replenished (unless you opted for the Myer faux plant like us). The Colorbond Surfmist and Evening Haze colours work together throughout the exterior design, with the garage door also finished in Colorbond Surfmist. The feature Facebrick wall in Tamala also helps to add a pop of colour, while the white front door in Ground Mist complements the white window frames for a crisp and clean finish.

Earthy tones fit for a Survivor

It’s easy to imagine this exterior collection surrounded by established garden hedges or pot plants framing the front door. Pairing the landscape to the home will work well with the design’s natural essence to bring in that feeling of being close to nature every day. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the drama and immunity challenges of Survivor. If you are looking to bring more natural elements into your home, our Biophilia collection is the perfect place to start. Unlike Survivor, here full bellies, a relaxing candle lit bath and a goodnight sleep, are guaranteed.


A nature lovers interior heaven

Biophilic design incorporates a natural colour palette in the interior to encourage a greater sense of health and well-being, which is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced world. Here, there’s no chance of a bombshell tribal council where you have your torch snuffed. Instead, this palette is all about calm, relaxed vibes – Imagine a quiet reading nook surrounded by birds of paradise and fiddle leaf figs or your evening bath surrounded by a green canopy and your favourite scented Diptyque candle #youdeserveit.

Survivor is usually a mix of brains and brawns. We’ve used our brainpower to select a gorgeous range of interior pieces to help you complete the look, so you only need to bring the brawn (or hire a delivery driver). When it comes to furnishing your botanical haven and complimenting the natural greenery, we suggest linen throws, teak and Scandinavian blonde timbers, jute, rattan, mid-century design furniture, rich fabrics and floral patterns in neutrals, with hints of deep green. Though we suggest rustic elements, Biophilia needs to have an uncluttered, natural feel focusing on mixing texture and pattern with a neutral, crisp white background.

Biophilia shopping list:

1. It wouldn’t be Biophilia without traditional botanical prints! This gorgeous pair via One World Collection is framed in fir wood, bringing warmth and creating a low-key, tropical vibe.

2. Give your lounge a fresh look with this printed botanical cushion via Kmart.

3. A mid-century inspired design, the Bonnie Buffet in Dusty Oak by Interior Secretes showcases superior craftsmanship with gorge half-moon handles.

4. Though we love a real plant, the chances of it surviving (yep, we’d face elimination on Survivor pretty quickly) are slim, so this artificial giant Bird of Paradise plant by Myer is 150cm of green heaven we needed.

5. The Harper Daybed By Brosa is upholstered in a Bottle green deco velvet and offers a stylish contemporary piece for your biophilia decor. Place it near a window for the ultimate relaxation zone.

6. The Otways Bush Botanicals Candle by Etikette Candles is made with soy wax and scents of eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, patchouli, sandalwood and pine. These are also poured lovingly in the Adelaide hills. Respecting the environment and supporting local communities is at the forefront of this interior selection – in true Biophilia form

7. An occasional splurge is good for you! This gorgeous Hera linen-blend Rattan Club chair features a handmade rattan outer frame and will bring a touch of luxury with its white upholstery.

8. The Tropicana Trunk Oro Side Table via Temple & Webster will add a subtle accent to your space, adding rustic charm and a fresh focus point.


If you’ve been wondering of a way to make your pad more wholesomely calm & restorative, then adopting the Biophilia colour palette is your chance to bring some nature indoors for max #tranquility. Essentially, it creates an imaginary link, allowing us humans to intrinsically connect to the outside world whilst boosts our well-being; through the use of greenery, layered textures and natural patterns. Take a leisurely stroll through our showroom to further ignite a love for natural tones that make us feel one with nature.

Dreaming of making your home resemble a beautiful botanical sanctuary? Give our Biophilic Pinterest board a looksie to recreate your own natural, chilled vibez.

But, if the neutral colour palette of Biophilia ain’t your thang, we’ve got a few other interior colour schemes to bring you a personalised match made in heaven #findyourstyle.

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Written by Jazmine

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