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Bathroom Renovations: Trends & Designs

Jun 11, 2019 | Featured, Inside the home, Interior Design, News, Smart Products, What's trending

white and black kitchen design

This ain’t no soap opera

It’s time to add drama to your bathroom, and we aren’t talkn’ the MAFS kind- that stuff is just crazy unhealthy. Although it makes great tv, is anyone else wondering where they find these people? Anyways… back to the purpose of this article- Bathroom renovations, the release of our new & dreamy matte black & brass tapware & new Cosentino Dekton and Silestone benchtops. You don’t have to fork out thousands to upgrade your bathroom, a simple showerhead and tapware update goes a long way. Goodbye chrome and hello @alder&co’s Matt black, brass and brushed tapware- Yep, it’s that easy! Oozing elegance and style, these tapware finishes are here to stay. Here’s why you should consider embracing the drama.

Why upgrade?

bathroom basin with decorative mirror and pendantIt’s time to get as excited about tapware as you do a luxxy standalone bath or gorgeous Middle of Nowhere mirrors #dreamy. Think about it; the shower takes up at least one-third of a bathroom and a tapware change is a quick, easy and cheap way to set the theme of your interior. 

Mould, mould and well more mould. If that’s not an excuse to upgrade, I don’t know what is! This is, after all, the main difference between modern, sleek tapware and your old cruddy existing tapware. We aren’t second guessing the designers of your home back in the ‘90s (ok, just a little), we’re just here to say hey bathrooms need a little lurve and attention because chrome tap-ware isn’t meant to last 30+ years people!

Shower needs

First things first, you need to consider your desired spray pattern. Yep, it’s a thing and consists of things like direction, range and the volume of water required for a satisfied shower. We all have our shower needs, and there’s certainly no judgement coming from this water pressure loving kween. There are shower-heads to suit everyone (even you rainfall/day spa lovers) so let’s dive a little deeper:

Aerating shower-heads

These are water-wise AND provide you with good water pressure. If you have long, thick hair you won’t have to stand around all day waiting for your shampoo to rinse out.

Rain Shower-heads

These offer a gentle water flow and are positioned directly overhead.

Handheld shower-heads

Perfect for the whole family (pets included) and those with limited mobility. We recommend choosing a combination unit that allows for both overhead & handheld functionalities.

Tapware trends

chrome tapeware and basin

We were hooked on Matte Black tap-ware (MAFS) and monochrome colour palettes from day one. Even interior design guru Nickolas Gurtler agrees.

This trend is here to stay – the monochromatic colour scheme is going nowhere’ – Nickolas Gurtler.

Graphite and black bring a sense of modern sophistication to a space and go hand in hand with white tiles and bathroom interiors. Our trendy suppliers Alder & Co tapware have to-die-for matte black tapware options, and you can see some of these in our pre-start showroom or Preston display home #hinthint.

Another trend we’re on board with is Brass tap-ware (A new addition to our Alder&Co range btw!). Featured in bathrooms over the last couple centuries, brass is an elegant way to update your bathroom. And no, you don’t need an extravagant napoleon-esque bathroom interior to nail this look, just something paired back to make the brass tap-ware really pop. Brushed tap-ware also creates a classic, organic feel. Not only is it an understated, minimalistic option but it also hides marks and scuffs so uber pretty and uber practical. It’s a win-win.

Now, where to begin?

pink double basin and large mirror

Behind every good design is a good Pinterest board. How are you supposed to know what you want when you haven’t seen what else is on offer. A Pinterest board is a great way to compile your fave bathroom looks; pick the elements you love and discard the elements you don’t. After you’ve created an amazing pinterest board, focus on the tapware. A simple tapware change can do wonders for your bathroom interior (that’s if you don’t have a feature tile of granny roses lining your bathroom that need an urgent upgrade). If you need inspo, our Pre-start gallery just had a make-over and features a SERIOUSLY cool bathroom ensuite design.

To continue the monochromatic look, consider the tiles (& grout), mirror and marble-look benchtop designs- our personal fave is the Bergen Dekton stone by Cosentino. A great effortless way to tie in your tapware to the surrounds is through the use of thin, black-framed mirrors or black grout. If you’re feeling daring in the design department, consider the addition of coloured tiles. Subway tiles in a duck egg green shade, for example, go with black tapware like Jules goes with Cam (heaven). If you’re reeeeeally wanting to push the envelope, Pantone’s colour of the year Coral paired with black looks pretty fab in this bathroom design. 

When selecting the benchtop consider a classic, durable material like Silestone or Dekton. These will tie in nicely with black tapware or a bold tile choice. If you feel you need a little extra hand (-held shower) holding, go check out our  gorgeous Alder & Co tapware selection and Cosentino benchtop selections in our showroom. Unlike MAFS, bold tapware is sure to add just the right amount of drama to your life.

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