Alfresco Entertaining Use Accents Throughout

5 Ways to Make Alfresco Entertaining Easier

Mar 21, 2016 | Home Designs

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So, you’re in the process of building your new home and can’t wait to host your next event? Easy alfresco entertaining is what everyone is after. There is nothing quite like enjoying a meal with your fam and friends right there in your backyard, no matter the season. To make sure your next party is the bomb, here are five things you can do to make the very most of alfresco entertaining.

Make sure your outdoor area is functional

Your alfresco is an extension of your home and the hub of entertaining, so it’s important that the space is functional. Having an outdoor kitchen or BBQ is not only great for entertaining outside, but also adds value to your home. Who doesn’t love a BBQ and bevvy outside in the summer?

It’s also handy to keep a bar (or full size) fridge in the alfresco area to keep your food and drinks cool and easily accessible. Having your indoor kitchen located near your outdoor area for simplicity and flow can make all the difference for entertaining, creating a larger space for guests to mingle.

Alfresco Entertaining Make your outdoor area functional

An alfresco for every season

Your alfresco should be a space that you and your pals can enjoy all year around. Installing a fan in your alfresco will not only keep your guests cool during the warmer seasons but will keep any annoying mosquitoes and flies away. For the cooler months, an outdoor fire pit or heater will create the perfect spot to keep your guests warm and cosy.

Ambiance with good lighting

When creating the lighting plan for your alfresco and backyard, it’s important to think about the areas you would like to highlight. Is it a feature wall, a favourite tree or pot plant, or just everything? Installing spot lighting fixtures above the outdoor table will give the space a bright and welcoming feel, perfect for the next board games night.

Alfresco Entertaining for every season

Update old outdoor furniture

Furniture that is outside and exposed to the weather can be harder to keep nice. To make your alfresco cosy and inviting, you want your outdoor furniture to be comfortable and low maintenance.

If your current outdoor setting is still in good condition, consider giving it a new coat of paint to instantly bring it back to life. If it is old and your budget allows, why not treat yourself to some new furniture and add in options like a bench-style table, chaise lounge, couches or wicker chairs. Couches or settings that are waterproof are a great option to withstand the rainy months.

Use accents throughout

Sometimes we spend so much time decorating the inside of our homes that we forget about the outside. Outdoor decor can make a huge difference to your alfresco entertaining area.

To create the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors, consider adding some accessories such as mirrors, vases, coloured cushions, floor mats and always set the table when expecting guests. Pot plants with herbs and flowers can also make the area feel more inviting. These extra elements will immediately enhance the look and feel of the area, perfect for guests to hang out and enjoy.

Alfresco Entertaining Furniture

There you have it. Using our five top tips to alfresco entertaining, your home will be the go-to entertaining spot, all year round. For more Smart Ideas for your outdoor alfresco, check out our “Inspirational Outdoor Décor for your Alfresco”.

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Written by Siobhan


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