5 Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Living

May 19, 2014 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Are you looking to transform your backyard into a sanctuary paradise? Don't forget the lighting. We've sourced 5 great lighting…

Are you looking to transform your backyard into a sanctuary paradise? While you may get carried away buying furniture and accessories, don’t forget the lighting, which adds ambiance to any setting. Here we present to you 5 lighting ideas.

1. Lanterns

lanterns. sources by rebgeo.net and nivoteam.info

Image Sources: Rebgeo and Nivoteam

Colourful paper lanterns (with globes inside of them) are great to hang up for celebration events in the backyard. They come in a variety of shapes and colours or you can always make your own in a DIY project.

If you don’t like the look of paper lanterns, you can always go with decorative hand-holding lanterns (which can hold teacup or block candles). These are another popular type of lantern to use, as they come in various antique designs that compliment any setting.

2. In-ground LED Lights

in-ground floor lights out of the way. sources by danthesparkyman.com.au and aliexpress.com

Image Sources: DanTheSparkyMan and Aliexpress

Want lighting that doesn’t steal attention from other features in your backyard? Or perhaps you don’t want it to be a tripping hazard for kids or guests either. Futuristic in-ground LED floor lights is the answer.

3. Solar-powered Lighting

solar. source is envirogadget.com

Image Source: Envirogadget

The most energy efficient solution is solar-powered lighting, and they too, come in various styles and colours to choose from. They charge through the day (providing it’s sunny!) and illuminate during the night. No batteries or maintenance required. This is great for not only saving money on electricity, but you’re also being environmentally conscious too.

4. Traditional Oil Burner Lamps

If you’re after more romantic natural lighting (or lighting that smells great) you can choose from a variety of traditional or contemporary oil burner lamps. Bamboo ‘tiki’ torches or oil burning fragrance lamps are two popular options.

5. Bug Repellent Lighting

bug-repellent-lighting. sources by coghlans.com and dubyasgarden.blogspot.com

Image Sources: Coghlans and DubyasGarden

Invest in bug-zapping lighting or bug-repellent candles that not only provide light, but protect you from bothersome mosquitoes.




Header Image Source: Party Love to Know


Written by Siobhan


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