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5 Interior Design Tips for a Pet Friendly Home

Mar 28, 2016 | Design and Interior Decoration

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We all love our pets, but even the best-behaved dog and cleanest cat can have an impact on your home. From the scratched floors and sofas to the muddy paw prints and the endless fur you’ll find everywhere (and we mean everywhere), it’s not always easy for our furry friends to respect our homes as we do. That’s why we’ve pulled our design smarts together and come up with five interior design tips to make your home pet-friendly and practical, without making any big sacrifices on style.

Create a grand entrance for your pooch

First up, we suggest you create a pet station in your entrance to keep your pet leashes, outdoor toys and yummy treats. It’s a bit of a no brainer, but we always recommend you have a doormat outside to help trap debris from both your pet’s and your own feet. It’s also handy to keep an old towel or wipes nearby to clean up any mud that makes it inside on those rainy days, so it can be wiped down quickly and without having to travel to other areas of the home.

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Choose durable flooring

If you have indoor pets, hardwood flooring is always a great option to go with compared to regular carpets. More pet-friendly flooring options you should consider for your home are polished concrete, laminate flooring, stone, or ceramic tiles. These will all be waaay easier to keep clean and free of stain, saving you the time and money of calling a carpet cleaner. These will also be cooler in warmer weather, making them ideal for your pets to lay and chillax on to cool down.

Slip-proof your rugs

A rug can dramatically change the look of your home, make it feel cozier and protect floors from claws and stains. Rugs can also offer your pet a comfy spot to snooze and can be a lot easier to clean than regular carpet. To make sure your rugs stay in place when your pets get the zoomies, try putting a slip-proof underlay underneath. This is also a great idea if you have any children, to prevent any accidental falls.

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Fashionable upholstery

When you have a furry friend join the family, you need to make smarter furniture choices as some fabrics and materials can be more easily destroyed. Consider choosing fabrics and furniture that not only hides their fur, but that will also create less work for you and are easy to wipe down.

Fabrics with patterns are always a good pet-friendly option for hiding any evidence of pet hair or leather is an easy option to wipe clean. Otherwise, we can only offer up two words of advice. Lint. Rollers.

Create special areas around the house

Pets love to have a space they know is their own. To help keep your pets away from your couches or beds (after the morning cuddle of course), create little spaces around the home just for them. Dogs love their comfy beds, so why not add two or three beds in the main living spaces. Cats however luuurve having a perch or tower to climb and keep them busy, so make sure one of these is always accessible.

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So, there you have it. Our top 5 tips to create the purrfect pet-friendly home that works for the whole family. For more interior design tips, check out our Interior Design Inspirational Ideas and 5 Tricks to Enhance Your Open Plan Living Area.

Looking to build a brand-new home in Perth for your pets to roam? Time to check out our smart home designs and be inspired (some of them are so biiig your pet can ever have a room of their own. Nothing wrong with spoiling the pets, right?).

Written by Siobhan


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