10 Smart Ways to Increase Your Backyard Privacy in Western Australia

Apr 10, 2014 | Building Tips

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Increase Your Backyard Privacy in Western Australia with these 10 smart ideas, brought to you by Smart Homes for Living.

10 Smart Ways to Increase Backyard Privacy in Western Australia

featured - backyard privacy. sources by bccdcrealestate.com and goodroi.com

Image Sources: Bccd Realestate and Goodroi

Even though it pays to be on good terms with your neighbours (so they can look out for your home when you’re on holiday), there are also times where you just want to step into your backyard and not have to strike up a conversation.

Perhaps you are dealing with nosy neighbours who can see into your home far too easily, or perhaps you just want a feeling of general security – either way, we’ve come up with 10 ideas that will help increase privacy in your backyard.

1. Decorative Panels

Incorporate artistic decorative panels into your backyard.


Image Source: Houzz

2. Garden Trellis

Block the view of two-story neighbours with garden trellis structures that vertical plants can grow on.


Image Sources: Houzz

3. Arched Trellis (block views from above)

If you’re living in the city, an arched trellis structure will ensure neighbours in higher apartment buildings won’t see what’s going on.


Image Sources: Houzz and Apartment Therapy

4. Open Trellis with jasmine and ivy

If your neighbour already has lots of privacy with trees and flowers, why not ‘borrow’ their view. Have an open trellis where you can peak at their gardens while still having some privacy of your own.


Image Source: Houzz

5. Curtains and Drapes

For more seclusion, add outdoor curtains (or drapes) to your patio, which will not only give you privacy, but also protect you from the sun’s harsh UV rays.


Image Source: Ebay

6. Vertical Garden: Living Wall

Decorate your space with a vertical fence garden, otherwise known as a living wall. It’s also a unique placement for plants.


Image Source: Houzz

7. Raise the planters

If you have low concrete or brick walls, why not create more vertical cover simply by adding more planters? It will also give your patio such lush colour.


Image Source: Houzz

8. Bamboo Retaining Wall

If the fence between you and your neighbour is already high but has slits where a wondering eye can look through, why not add another fence retaining layer in the form of bamboo. It will also create a nice oriental feel in your backyard.


Image Source: Houzz

9. Plant Trees

Perhaps the most simple and long term idea for privacy is simply by growing trees, with many varieties available to choose from, depending on how much up keep you want it to be.


Image Source: Maillard Ville Manor

10. Privacy Screens

Privacy screens (also known as room dividers) are another popular choice people go with, as you can easily transfer them about and then fold them away for easy storage.


Feature Image Source: Bccd Realestate and Goodroi

Header Image Source: In His



Written by Siobhan


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