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Mirrors are always in trend as they make a great statement decor piece in any room, any house. We've sourced…

Mirrors are always in trend as they make a great statement decor piece in any room, any house. They are versatile, fit into any theme or style genre, and always add that extra illusion of space. They also enhance natural lighting and give a peaceful sense amidst a busy room. We love DIY projects here at Smart Ideas and found these decorative mirror ideas you to try and integrate into your own home!

1. Wooden Palette Mirror

A rustic wooden palette mirror adds a touch of personality and a sense of soft warmth to a stylish neutral room. For DIY instructions on this one, head to:  http://www.theroosterandthehen.com/master-bedroom-pallet-mirror/



2. A Sunburst Mirror

As easy as starting off with twigs and sticks to create a ‘sun effect’. It will illuminate any warm room it’s in and add a burst of light! Head to http://www.homedit.com/diy-sunburst-mirror/ for the how-to.



3. Cut-Out Art Mirror

Cut-out frames are a personal way to really customize your mirro and paint it how you like it! You can either do a Victorian influence or perhaps something more modern. It’s a crafty, arty style that looks great in similar quirky surroundings. http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2011/08/if-at-first-you-dont-succeed/



4. Some Jute Mirror

An unframed circle mirror looks great with a Styrofoam wreath. It’s a quaint piece of décor that you can colour customise. Adds that homely motherly touch into a space. Great for nursery’s. Find out how on http://thevanrensburgs.blogspot.ro/2011/08/diy-jute-mirror-tutorial.html



5. Light-Up Mirror

source was pinterest.com

For a romantic, whimsy appeal, add lighting around your mirror. Old Christmas lights, or if you don’t want to use electricity, even sparkles and diamantes will do the trick for that shiny Hollywood effect.


6. Wood-Cut Mirror

all images from homedit.com

For someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, we have here another wood-themed mirror that adds instant rustic warmth to a stylish clean room. Head to http://thatsmyletter.blogspot.ro/2012/01/m-is-for-mirror-2.html


7. Festive Mirror


Whatever the celebration or event, using pencils as a way to frame a mirror is a fun festive idea that really stands in a space for those feeling jovial enough. Find out how on: http://ayudaadecorar.blogspot.ro/2013/02/espejos-realizados-con-lapiceros-de.html


8. Fabric Cover Mirror


Head to your local fabric store and choose your fabric to cover the existing frame! Customise the print to suit you and it’s easy to change if you switch your interior design up. http://www.justagirlblog.com/diy-mirror-frame/


9. Styrofoam Mirror


Celebrate texture through utilising the Styrofoam again, but this time round, add painting and embellishment accessories to really glam it up. Get the know-how on http://diyshowoff.com/2012/05/03/styrofoam-convex-mirror-tutorial/


10. Seashell Mirror


 As easy as going down to the beach and collecting seashells to create this seashell mirror. Get out the glue gun – it’s that simple. http://www.homedit.com/marvelous-diy-shell-mirror/



All Images Source: Homed It

Feature Image Source: Homed It

Header Image Source: Deco See

Written by Madeleine


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