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8 Clever Shoe Storage Solutions

Mar 21, 2014 | Featured, Smart Tips, Space saving tips

Like most Australian women out there, you probably have limited space to store your ever growing collection of shoes. To prevent your shoe collection from becoming the most chaotic spot in your wardrobe, we found 8 shoe storage ideas that will increase efficiency, enhance presentation and most importantly, make way for more space for those future shopping trips!

1. Door Hanging Shoe Organiser.

There is often wasted space behind your door, so providing your door is solid wood, why not place an over the door shoe rack to maximise space.

2. Shoe Tree (or otherwise known as 3,5,10 tier rack)

Don’t have enough horizontal space for your shoes? Then there is always the option of a vertical shoe rack, which gives more floor space and keeps everything in one neat place.

3. Wall mounted shoe rack

If you own your own place, or there are already frames installed on the walls – why not hang your heels off them, a nifty idea and it keeps everything eye level and within easy reach.

4. Ladders

For smaller apartments and those with modest show collections, a ladder makes a nice tough for a vintage style look, and as you will be storing your shoes vertically, you’ll definitely have more ground space to play with.

Ladder rack

Image source: Arianna Belle, Digs Digs

5. The rotating Lazy Susan

Installing a lazy Susan in your wardrobe (providing it’s a deep enough wardrobe) will save space and enable you to access your shoes very efficiently! Their shoe rack displays 24 pairs, up to size 10 and as tall as 8 inches, while stacking your shoes can allow room for 48 pairs of shoes.

Lazy Susan shoe rack

Image Source: All Day Chic,

6. Bookshelves and display shelves

For the advanced show collector, you are most likely passed the point of presentation, and just need somewhere to stock all your shoes while keeping them clutter free. A great answer is using bookshelves or display shelves. You will really be able to stock many pairs of shoes and boots on here, while still leaving you more room to play around with in your room.

7. Boot rack and pull out shoe racks

If you do have a deep wardrobe to play around with and want to keep your shoes and boots inside, pull out racks are available in all sorts of styles for boots and heels alike.

Shoe boot racks

Image Source: Make Up Geek

8. Alternate them

Still getting frustrated and nothing seems to work? Try alternating your shoes – you will be able to fit more in a row.

Alternate shoes

Image Source: Fashion Diva Design,


Feature Image Source: Herald Sun

Header Image Source: Life is a Shoe

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