Why you should consider a scullery in your kitchen

A scullery is an area inside a home that is generally used as an overflow kitchen or for washing up dishes and laundering clothes. It can also be used for storing cooking utensils and kitchen appliances, for example your toaster and kettle, in addition to preparing meals.

Considering a scullery in your kitchen is important, in this day and age with growing families, the necessity for space and the desire to entertain guests, a scullery can provide that extra bit of room to store away those appliances that may otherwise look messy or allow that extra bit of space for preparation. This is ideal when it comes to busier times of the year, such as Christmas and new years or even birthdays.


Source: The Wisdom - Kitchen & Scullery

Source: The Wisdom – Kitchen & Scullery


For some great scullery options, take a look at the Sterling on Smart Homes iDesign. By searching through the layout preferences listed on the left hand side, you will see there is an option to incorporate a scullery into your kitchen. iDesign by Smart Homes For Living is a fantastic way to alter your home to suit your lifestyle and needs. By incorporating a scullery into this design, you get the added benefit of space, which is a necessity when it comes to building your home.

Moving onto the Diploma on Smart Homes iDesign, you have the option to add a scullery into the central kitchen design, or to the side of your kitchen. The great thing about iDesign is that it’s up to you how your home is set out. There are numerous layout options – including alfresco, rear bedroom, living area, upgrades to the bathroom, laundry and study, plus master suite options including upgrading your walk in robe and ensuite, in addition to elevation options, such as whether you prefer your garage on the left or right hand side of your home.



Source: The Wisdom – Kitchen & Scullery


The Mentor, featured on Smart Homes iDesign, also provides the option to add a scullery to the side of your kitchen, in addition to numerous features that will create the ideal home for you. The benefit of having a scullery means that you have the space when required. Without a scullery, you have no option but to cook and clean with the space that already exists in your kitchen. It’s astounding how much extra space you may need when entertaining guests. Having this space creates a stress and clutter free environment that will allow you to enjoy your evening with family and friends, without being concerned about the state of your kitchen.

Another clever iDesign from Smart Homes for Living is the Graduate. This design allows you to have a central kitchen with scullery or the option of a side kitchen with scullery. Both of these choices are practical and allow for spacious living areas, that will provide an enjoyable home for you and those you live with.

A scullery allows you to store your appliances and extra bits and pieces out of sight, so that you can have the home you have always dreamed of, with that extra space everyone is looking for.


Author: Rachael Payne

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