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Spring Cleaning – The Cheat Sheet

Welcoming warmth and sunshine back into our lives, spring is a time of sweet scented excitement and regeneration. The one seemingly negative component associated with this...

Take a Moment to Feel The Attraction

The Attraction in Dayton is our most recent and highly celebrated display home. Situated near the scenic wine region of the Swan Valley, The Attraction boasts 4 spacious...

How much storage is enough?

Can we ever have enough space in our homes? Whether you’re renovating or building a new house, this is the perfect opportunity to think about setting up a good storage space throughout your new home.

4 step guide: How to grow your own vegetable garden

Ready to grow your own vegetable garden in the backyard? See our 6 step guide on growing beautiful, healthy veggies all on your own.

WA’s best alfresco designs for summer 2017

Summer in WA is (arguably) the best time of the year. The sun is out, the pristine beaches are refreshingly cool and people tend to have more free time available for catching...

5 Ways to Make Alfresco Entertaining Easier

Easy alfresco entertaining is what everyone is after these days. Here is five ways you can make alfresco entertaining easier.

SMART tips to get the most out of your multi-purpose furniture

Do you crave a home that’s efficient and convenient whilst saving space and money? Check out our top tips for getting the most out of your space with multi-purpose furniture.

The Smart Prestart Process – Part 3

We’ve reached the third and final installment of The Smart Prestart Process, which focuses on the fun part – the final selections! Read on the Part 3 of the Smart Prestart Process.

The Smart Prestart Process – Part 2

Following on from last week’s post, The Smart Prestart Process Part 1, the day of the Prestart Meeting has finally arrived! After going through all of the preparations...