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Imagine the freedom of not having to pay your rent next week. Now, imagine that feeling extended over 25 weeks – about the time it takes us to build you a home from slab to handing over the keys! Live rent free thanks to Smart Homes for Living’s latest promotion that could save you up to $10,000.

All you have to do is choose to build one of our Advantage specification homes and you are GUARANTEED to qualify for our Rent Free promotion.

Talk about budget smarts – This is your chance to let us pick up the tab on your weekly rent bill. It’s time to focus on your future and leave your rent to us for the next 25 weeks.

Sound simple? We designed it that way; our team call that ‘promotion smarts’.

Not a renter? That’s okay, you can use this promotion to get an air-conditioning upgrade to your new home instead.

Get freedom from those weekly rent shackles with $10,000* in rent paid by us.
Budget smarts start right here, right now!

Ventura Home Group PTY LTD T/A Smart Homes for Living (Builder) confirms a rebate will be paid once the Owner meets their contractual obligations with the Builder and the below terms and conditions:

  • The rebate is only applicable on Smart Homes for Living ‘Advantage’ specification homes.
  • Offer valid until 31st December 2017.
  • The rebate is non-transferable, is not offered in conjunction with any other promotional offer, and will replace any previous promotional offers.
  • Prices are subject to review and may change without notice.
  • The rebate will only be issued to the name(s) that are nominated on the HIA Building Contract.
  • The applicable rebate is subject to the Owner(s) obtaining formal finance and valuation approval.
  • The applicable rebate will be paid upon successful payment from owner at lock up stage.
  • The Builder reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the offer in its absolute discretion.
  • The Builder reserves the right to terminate the rebate payment at any time if there is a breach of an HIA Building Contract by the contracted Owner or a progress payment under the Building Contract is not made.
  • If the price hold period as per the Preliminary Works Contract (Annexure E) and HIA Building Contract (General Conditions, Item 6) is exceeded, the validity of the Rebate is at the discretion of the Builder.
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